Poem: The Hope

Some micropoems on the prompt, 'Keep' suggested by micropoetry.com

Motivational Poems:

Keep the courage
At high levels,
You'll win one day.

The real strength to fight with adversities with a cool head is courage. 


Keep that pain
They gave you,
In your memories alive.
It's a lesson
For future,
For the life
Learn from the pain.

If we take hurting experiences as the lessons for future, wounds of the heart heal.


Don't keep that attitude:
All or nothing,
Black and white;
That'll ruin your life.
Enjoy all the colors of the life.

The major reason for emotional pain sometimes is thinking a mistake. When we start judging situations or people in 'all or nothing' or 'black and white', we can't see the other sides (many times positive) of those situations or people and such thought mistake increases emotional pain levels. Words like 'never', 'always' create over-generalization. 'Sometimes' and 'some people' are the golden words to think rationally any given situation. 


Friendship and Love poems:

Keep the hope alive,
Say something positive.
I'm depressed
Be with me as
You're my hope, my dear friend.


I keep my tears
As a treasure
Locked in my heart.
Only smiles and love're for you;
Don't try to steal my treasure.


I keep
Your love alive
In my poems
Miss you dear.


My Wish:

Keep me alive
After my death.
Making someone smile,
Wiping someone's tears.
Meet me in their smiles,
Make me immortal.

Life begins with the thought of death. 

Message for you - Readers and Friends:

Keep reading
My poems
You encourage me :-)

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