Poem: Heart Writes

Today's poem is dedicated to the heartfelt emotions which I love to express by poems.

Don't know where to begin,
Where to end

Don't know how to write,
Simple or complex?

Don't know how to beautify

Metaphors or simile?

How to write a poem?
Rhyming or non-rhyming?

A long, short or a haiku?
A beautiful form or a free verse 
Like a wildflower?

Still don't know,
Don't know how to begin...

Heart guides,
Heart writes,

Heart sings,
Heart tells its stories

The pains that left me heart broken,
The lessons of life that shattered my dreams

The passion that built my life,
The resilience that built me again,

Strong and persistent
Calm and patient

Heart guides
Heart writes
Heart sings...

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