Hymn: My Life - Sadhana

Today is the third day of Navaratri festival and this year, worshipping Maa Amba in the form of Kundalini Shakti. My life is blessed by Mahayoga path of Sadhana. Sadhana is a life long journey towards self-realization. Mahayoga Sadhana is the worship of Prana - in simple words the worship of our involuntary breathing. Today's poem is a hymn to Maa Kundalini Shakti. Since the auspicious day of Deeksha, in the journey of life and Sadhana,  Maa Bhagwati has become my greatest power. Whenever I think about how Sadhana protects her devotee every moment and how she has blessed my life, tears start rolling....words start flowing. 

Image: Sadgurudev H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj

My Sadgurudev H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj 

when I lost all the hope
You inspired me,
You motivated me,
You guided me,

to keep walking
to focus on the
one step needed

when I felt defeated
the battle of life
You showed me the inner light,
yes, you enlightened me
life isn't a battle,
life isn't an endless struggle,
life isn't about winning or losing,
life isn't a race
life is a journey 
to realize the light of Gyana,
the light of Prana,
the light of Chaitanya,
Life of the life - Chaitanya
when I was completely alone,
when I was helpless in the dark
when my voice was 
only my silent tears
you showed me
your presence
nirakar and sakar

When my voice stopped
When my breaths stopped
when my life reached to the 
final destiny
a moment of losing everything
nobody came
all prayers stopped
i couldn't do anything
my devotion
my hope ended
just one moment
i screamed
nobody came...

my Dearest Sadhana
Maa Bhagawati Kundalini
You hadn't left me..
life left me
You didn't leave
my heart

you gave me my life back
you want me to live
you want me to smile
you want me to be happy
i came back
my journey is still going on...

You were with me...
You are there
You are with me,
You are within me
my heart beats,
my breaths,
my mind,
my dreams,
my future,
my life

You were with me
when I was alone 
I didn't see you
but You showed me your presence
Nirgun, Nirakar...

you were 
in all forms

Maa Bhagawati
Maa Kundalini
Maa Shakti
My dearest Sadhana

My life, Narayankripa
You have thousands of names,
thousands of forms
But my dear Maataji
You are my soul-friend
for me...
you are my dearest friend

my journey is continues
all the hardships

You gave me words,
You gave power to my words
I don't know how to worship 
I don't know sacred chants
but you hugged me;
accepted me 
with all my flaws
you became my friend forever
i may forget you 
but dearest Maa
you won't ever
i realized
you won't ever
leave me 

When I forget 
my goals,
my duties,
get discouraged,
in all moments
when all paths seem to reach
"dead end"

You show me 
your presence,
you power
again and again

You show the light of Gyana
You are there,
You care for me,
You trust me,
You love me
with all my imperfections
You love me
Your presence guides me 
each moment
You are my mother,
You won't ever get angry
with my ignorance and silly mistakes
Won't leave me for any reason...
You are the love
You care for me 
my tears.......
yes...You count them
i know
O Maa 
You are the power of the weakest,
You are the power of the poor
You give power to the weakest

You are the only hope 
my friend,
my mother
the worship of Prana
I know
you'll be always with me

unconditionally loving,
eternally protecting 
silently with all your power!

You are the only hope 
Dear Maa Ambe,

I want to cry in your devotion today...
still don't know 
what is devotion
what is faith
wish to forget 
everything in your worship
my dearest Sadhana 
my life Sadhana

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