Poem: A New Life for Dead Thoughts

Today's poem is on the prompt 'Dead poem' by poetic asides blog. My thoughts on the prompt are about 'Dead Thoughts'. Do you think thoughts can die? Or can live? 

Dead thoughts
Thoughts are born,
After a certain time 
Thoughts become dead,
Thoughts live a dead life,
A life after the death.

Blog poster: A new life for dead thoughts

Nobody cares,
Nobody follows,
Nobody wants to understand
Thoughts become dead thoughts

Leaders are followed
For their great names,
For their useful greatness,
Their thoughts are dead
For their followers.
They forget,
They don't understand,
Thoughts are dead
For them,
They just want to use the great name.

Dead thoughts live
In books,
In quotes,
They live as dead,
They exist
Yet they are dead.

We can give them a new life,
Yes, you and me.
We can make them alive
Dead thoughts,
We together can make them alive.

One thought
For a happy life
One principle
To make someone happy
Let's give them a new life
Let's bring them in our lives
Let's make dead thoughts
Alive by our lives

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