Poem: Small Choices

Some micropoems on the prompt 'Small' suggested by Micropoetry society. 

One small word,
Life changing.


Very 'small' word,
Damages love and life,


Love or hatred

Small choices
Define the life.


Toxic words:
Even small sometimes,
Enough to break the heart, 


Choice of the words is really important. Words come with shades and toxic words used unknowingly can break hearts.


It hurts,
It pains
When our ideals
Prove themselves 'small'
'Very small'
Breaking our trust.

We generally observe that followers don't understand their leaders' and their work. By their blind worship, followers sometimes defeat their own leaders. However, there can be completely opposite scenario, when the leaders defeat their followers by not maintaining the high principles for which their followers trust and follow them. Many followers can't accept the truth that their leader is not what they expected or believed. They rant their frustration on someone who criticize their leaders. But, they must be feeling pain from inside for what their leader gave them. Nobody is perfect, but leaders, may they be in any field, leaders should not forget their responsibility and shouldn't let their followers down.


'Small' stars
Hope twinkling in the dark

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