Narayankripa: Content and Design Transitions

Change is the best thing about the life as change keeps us fresh and happy. I have been experimenting with some changes in the website look, design and the content shared for the past few months. Today's post is the part of the fifth blogging anniversary of Narayankripa celebrations. Let's have a look back to the beautiful moments we shared together and with the let's look ahead for future posts. 

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First of all, the let's see the content changes. 

More Love for Poems: 

  • I have to admit 'it happened'. Writing a poem, for me, is like love, it just happens. Poems bloom spontaneously. Last year, I closed my personal Facebook profile. I use Facebook for professional purposes and managing pages only. After that, I could focus completely on poems. 

  • I think, the best month was the April month this year. Forty plus poems in one month, for the Poem-A-Day challenge as a result of my battle with the scorching summer! That was just amazing. I truly enjoyed writing a new poem for all the month. Writing a poem per day is itself a big achievement and reward. Additionally, what I learned is to focus on the work I love when I need to fight with some adversity. 

  • You must have noticed that poems are more these days than articles. I post on spiritual topics with the same frequency, one or two posts per month. The big transition is that adding more topics like motivational, social, verbal abuse, with more consistency these days. 

I am happy that you welcomed this change and supported it with more love for Narayankripa. 

More Focus on Writing than Images:

For a perfect blog post, an image is a key requirement. However, I am focused more to writing these days. I experimented the articles and poems without images. Sometimes I add images later at the convenient time when I am not writing. But when I love to write, I let it go with the flow without bothering about images. 

Technical and Website Changes: 

  • In the efforts to declutter the website, I have removed some unnecessary widgets.

  • Also removed the advertisements. For Narayankripa, a poetry and spiritual blog, the ads   weren't much relevant. Irrelevant ads may distract readers' attention from the main topic of the posts. Therefore, no more ads; you can spend time in reading poems and experience the peace. :-) Smile! 

  • The comment form is changed now. Google forms are a great tool and anybody can easily send their  thoughts to me without having to choose from the multiple options available in blogger basic comment form. 

  • The Website loading time is now reduced and the site performance is better for all kinds of devices like smartphones, tablets, and  computers. 

In case if you missed the previous posts here are the links to the poems of Fifth Blogoversary:

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