Lord Ganesha Worship for Bhakti and Mukti

Ganesha festival is being celebrated across the globe with enthusiasm. In the series of Ganesha prayers for every day of Ganesha festival, in today's post, let's worship Lord Ganapati by Jaswand (Hibiscus) flowers and a prayer. Bhagwan Ganesha loves Jaswand flowers and of course our simple prayers. :)

Image: Red Hibiscus (Jaswand) flower

Dear Bhagwan Ganesha, you are the creator of this beautiful flower. 
You are the creator of this beautiful world. 

Image: Red Hibiscus-Jaswand flower
 What do I have to offer to you in your own cosmos? 

Please take my 'Ego'-'Aham' which creates the illusion of being 'Badhha' .

Image: Red Hibiscus flowers close view
O dear Vinayaka, purify my heart like the purest beautiful petals of this flower.

Image: Pink Hibiscus Flower
Please bestow me the innocence of these sweet Jaswand flowers.

Please bless me the innate devotion that these flowers are endowed with.

Image: Yellow Hibiscus Flower

I envy you, dear beautiful flowers. 

How you devote your birth, your purpose of life, and the existence in this world at the lotus feet of Lord Ganesha with Aatmanivedan Bhakti amazes me. 

Dear Lord Ganapati, please bless me with the Aatmanivedan Bhakti. 

Image: Red Hibiscus Flowers

Dear Lord Ganesha, please accept my prayers and puja and reside in my heart during the Ganesha festival and forever.

Please bless me with Sadbuddhi, Sadprerana and Vivek.

Meaning of Sanskrit Adhyatmik terms in the context of today's post:

We worship the almighty in various forms and names.

  • Aham: Believing the self as  the Karta which brings the attachments in Karma and its outcomes in positive and negative manner. We get attached to either guilty feelings or egoistic feelings when both aren't helpful for a peaceful life. Although a devotee believes himself/herself as the Karta, they work for their Bhagwan and don't attach their self in the result. 

  • Badhha: Considering the self as limited in material name, caste, religion, gender forgetting the Aatma.

  • Sadbuddhi: Buddhi and wisdom which realizes the Sat - eternal supreme power- which is Bhagwan Ganesha. 

  • Sadprerana: The objective behind every Karma should be for the determination to realize the supreme power that is Lord Ganesha. 

  • Vivek: Having the profound reasoning behind every Karma to focus on the realization of Bhakti and Mukti and detachment from the material emotional bondage.  

  • Bhakti and Mukti: Realization of Brahman can be Mukti for a Gyani. But, for the Bhakta realizing their Bhagwan as the supreme power of the universe and living for Bhagwanji's love is the Bhakti. Therefore, I consider, Bhakti and Mukti  the same thing. Bhakti is simpler as we can begin the Bhaktiyoga from where we are and Bhaktiyoga takes us to the next levels of Sadhana. Knowing and understanding the spiritual terms is easier as we have plenty of philosophical books written by various sages. However, experiencing them forever is Gurukripa or Ishwarkripa. So we pray to Lord Ganesha for Bhakti and Mukti.

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