Poem: Fight

The victims of any kind of abuse, may it be physical, emotional, financial, verbal or bullying, over the time become weaker and weaker; mainly psychologically. Finally they lose the hope completely. In such situations, one thing victims should remember that they deserve the life and that's their right. I have been writing on verbal and emotional abuse for some months. Today's poem is dedicated to the victims to motivate them to keep the hope and their fight for justice, alive. It's difficult but...hope has light.

Fight with courage,
Even if you feel you lost it

Still fight.
Build your courage
Despite being scared.
Despite all the failures of escape
Fight, fight
Even if
You feel yourself weak,
For your rights,
For your justice.

Don't give up.
Don't lose the hope
Don't surrender to the depressed weak thoughts
Fight for your rights.
You deserve a beautiful life.
You deserve to smile
You deserve love
Fight for your rights
Fight for the justice
Though it's denied
Don't lose the hope
For your life
Live with the hope
This beautiful gift of life
They denied your rights
They became brutal
To end your hope
To live again
Will be your strength
Will be your power
Will be the path towards a safe life
Never give up
Never surrender
Fight, fight
Till you get the justice
Till you get the freedom
You deserve
This beautiful gift of the God
You deserve
The beautiful life,
And love. 

Connect with the right people, get support, know legal aspects, get legal support, call helplines; but never lose the hope, because you don't deserve the abuse, you deserve a free life. 

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