Poem: Let It Go

I participated in a poetry competition on 7 cups of tea some days back. The competition was organized as a part of Letting Go day observance.  My poem 'Let It Go' won the competition.  

Appreciation by the Judges: 

Apart from the technical aspect, the judges considered the focus on the theme 'Letting Go'. The appreciation by the judges in their own words,

On the surface, this poem appears quite simple. No similes or metaphors. No clever rhymes. No complex turns of phrase. So what makes this poem stand out? An overall energy and wise voice. Repetition brings strong rhythm to the flow of language. Further, the use of antithesis--let things come to let them go--is effective. In this poem, the repetition feels like the soothing voice of a true friend. The wise friend whispers and exhorts, coaxes and reminds, gently and with a beautiful spirit. There is loveliness in the quiet advice to let all the worries and pains tell their stories before letting them go. At the end, the “new journey” toward love brings a theme of brightening hope for the future. In sum, the poet offers a beautifully rhythmic expression of significant truths about pain and healing.

Poem: Let It Go 

I wrote this poem for everybody who has suffered and is suffering a lot of pain,  trauma, anxiety, depression, hurtful experiences in their lives. It's really difficult to let go those painful moments and move on. Holding the emotional wounds strengthens them and we stuck somewhere in some unfortunate incidents. The purpose of the poem is to encourage people to bravely face the pain and then let it all go. Sometimes you have to let people go from your life; those people attachment with whom makes your life miserable. Attachment with toxic people can ruin our life. We should learn to let them go (and let our feelings for them also go) so we can embrace the beauty of this life and meet kind and loving friends. Healing is a long journey which needs patience. 

That pain,
that wound,
that fear;
let it go
You're hurt,
you are sad,
you are worried,
let it go
let it all go
Yes, it's there,
yes, it's there
you can't bear it,
let it be there
let it go,
feel it
let it go
let it go
Your wounds will heal one day,
your heart will discover the peace one day,
don't hold your pain,
let it go,
let it go
Peace is waiting for you,
smile is waiting for you,
hope is waiting for you
to come to join the world of smiles
the world is waiting for 'you'
Your fear,
your pain,
your grief,
your worry,
let it be there
let it go
let it go
Don’t fight with it,
don’t be sad,
don’t be ashamed,
of your pain
just let it go
let it go
You’re brave,
you’re strong,
you’re beautiful,
hold the hand of your beautiful soul
be your own best friend
let it go
let all the pain go
Listen to your thoughts,
listen to your pains,
listen to your worries,
let them tell their stories,
let them come out,
let them go
let them go
Begin a new journey,
let it come
the hope,
the love,
the smile,
they are for you
my dear friend!
They are for you,
let the love,
love you

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