Poem: Engineering Days

Today's poem is dedicated to Engineering days for Engineer's Day celebrations. While penning down the memories, I felt, this poem has turned my thoughts more as an Engineer than as a poet. Reliving the lasting memories of Engineering and the Institution of Engineers Days. 

Engineering Days...

Circuits, designs, programs,
evening to next morning assignments

Endless reading till the last minute,
endless writing in examinations till the last minute,

Practicals and presentations,
endless preparations

Endless discussions, 
college to the canteen,
canteen to home,
home to phone,
phone to online chats,
online chats to mobile,
mobile to college again

Endless discussions,
endless questions and
endless books

EDC, 4E, M1, M2, M3
DE, ECE, OFC, and EME…

Those puzzling words and
incredibly strange short forms

Yet...all those carefree moments
and studying every minute detail together

Those jubilation 
after every examination

That mysterious language
incredibly strange short forms
the bond of friendship…
the unforgettable bond of motivation, inspiration, and encouragement... 

Engineering days...
ever happy,
Engineering Days...

Happy Engineers Day friends. :-)

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