Poem: Yes, I am a Poet

Today UK-wide celebrations for National Poetry Day are going on. I just saw National Poetry Day trending in Indian twitter trends also. Poems and poets are beyond all the boundaries. Reading amazing poems and celebration tweets, I have proud feeling, "Yes, I am a Poet." I thought, why not have some love for poems and the bond between, you and me, that inspires me to write more? A poem dedicated to poets and their power.

Proud to wear the title,
"Yes, I am a poet"
I write for my soul,
Write for my love
"Yes, I am a poet" 

My life, my experiences
become magically crafted words

My hardships turn
philosophy for self-motivation

My loneliness
turns into art of contentment

"Yes, I am a poet"

Proud to tell the world,

"Yes I am a poet"

I feel and I write,
I feel my heartache,
I feel your heartache

My heart reads my pains,
my heart reads your pains

"Yes I am a poet"

My heart knows to be 
with you
without being with you

"Yes, I am a poet"

My magical world
has love,
my magic pen
has love,
my magical eyes
have love

"Yes, I am a poet"

I write and I earn,
I earn your pains, your sorrows
Your joys…
Yes, I feel them…

Feeling for you isn’t a chore for me;
it’s my love

"Yes, I am a poet"

I write for you
because I write for myself

I feel our oneness,
our bond of trust

I am not great,
I am not perfect,
I am just 'Me'

But yes,

I am proud of myself
"Yes, I am a poet"

I breathe poems,
I breathe the magic of love,
I breathe the magic of poems

I am unstoppable,
I am resilient,
I am the power,

This delicate art of poetry,
My poems are my power

"Yes,I am a poet."

You are my inspiration,
You are my strength,
You are my power
Yes, you!

This unshakable and unbreakable bond
you and me
our lives,
our destiny,
our thoughts,

it's our power
it's a poet's power

Yes, poems are  power

Yes, poets are power

I am proud to tell the world

"Yes, I am a poet"

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