Pranama To All The Teachers

Today is a very special day for Gurukripa, it’s Teachers’ Day.  The Sadguru is the teacher who not just teachers, but gives a new life to the disciple by Deeksha. I am writing today so naturally, so easily, I have discovered the peace in my life and I can share the blissful moments I am living and experiencing is just because of my Gurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj. He is really like my mother.

I have learned discipline, study skills, and most importantly to fight with injustice without any fear, from Him.  I used to see people around doing compromise, cheating, corruption to achieve success. It is a firm belief that Life is impossible without all this. But Gurudeva’s life is by unbelievably highest moral principles, most successful and that too without any compromise. I have always noticed, he tells the truth only, and not the talks which will please people. People like to make the compromise the life and they want the approval from a person like Guru. In such situations, Gurudeva always tells the right path only. Most of the people (I don’t wish to take the name of any spiritual leader, but it hurts when spiritual leaders choose the path of compromise) in India have chosen the path of Sweet Talks which will gain followers, their talks may be harming the interest of the country, they don’t care.  An ordinary person like me becomes weaker and confused sometimes seeing all this, but Gurudeva’s life is the living inspiration for me and for everybody, every moment to walk on the path of truth only.

Pujya Shri. Kalki Sharma Guruji is the Gurudeva I have met in this online world and what I have learned from him, is to speak the truth without any hesitation. It has become almost impossible to say anything against Islam nowadays, people have fear of mentally ill fanatics and most of them hide it in the secularism robes.  In such world, Kalki Guruji’s every word is an inspiration for everybody who knows the truth about Islam but living a life of a coward and hiding the truth.

Whenever I get an appreciation for writing, I always miss my school teachers. I am from a small town of Maharashtra and here most of us learn from Marathi medium.  The English for us was the lower English. But I am always blessed to have the best teachers, who made English easiest and most favorite for me.  Teaching is really the most difficult profession I feel.  I always wonder, how teachers keep teaching with patience and bring the discipline in students’ lives. Today, I really miss my professors in Engineering college, in Institution of Engineers, because of whom I really loved the Electronics subjects which otherwise I would feel most boring.

Teaching field is also infected with the corruption now and unfair means are used to ‘Make’ students successful. But apart from regular subjects, my teachers have always inspired and motivated me for the success with hard work only.

Learning is a lifelong process. I have learned always a lot from my friends, from blogging friends. They are the teachers in the form of friends.  

I don’t really know how to thank all those Teachers who are always my inspiration. Thanking is just not appropriate. I think the true gratitude towards the teachers can be to live by the principles they have taught, to spread the knowledge which they have given to us without any expectation in return. They have inspired us and we should work so hard that our lives may become an inspiration for others.

A small dedication to my Gurudeva and all the teachers of the world.
With Crores of Pranamas to all the Teachers – Gurus…

Without your teachings I wouldn’t be a writer today
Without your blessings, my pen wouldn’t be
Writing the flowers of spirituality today

Without your blessings, without your efforts to make me perfect
I wouldn’t  ever realize the true  perfection of life – The Moksha
Without your inspiration, this heart wouldn’t be strong like a warrior
Without your support, I couldn’t fight with the injustice of the world

Without your inspiration and blessings
I wouldn’t be writing today
Leaving all the fear from the  life and mind
Without your teachings
I wouldn’t be living for the truth only today

The moral principles you have taught
Make this life the easiest to walk

I can’t just ‘Thank’ you
For all that you have done for me
But I can only promise you that
‘I will always walk on this path of truth and peace 
Which you have created for me.’


  1. Precious thought from Princess Poo

    "Surprise Surprise :D :). "

    Thanks Poo, sweet surprise indeed. :)