'Gurukripa is Eternal' - Celebrating Gurukripa's Success

Gurukripa completed two golden years of Love, Success, Fame on 4th July. I missed the celebration due to some personal reasons, but my dearest younger sister Simran celebrated
Gurukripa’s Birthday on 4th July midnight. She has done a lot of hard work and her creativity at the best is expressed with the love for me in the image she created with mine and her pic and with the PowerPoint slides she made. It is such a beautiful gift for me that I
don’t know how to express my feelings. You can find her precious gift by clicking this link : 'Celebrating Mohinee's Second Blog Anniversary' on her blog 'My Friendship'.

And I am so happy to share most precious wishes of my Sister Arti who is author of blog ‘My YatraDiary.’

Gurukripa is my life and my life is Gurukripa, this blog is more  important and precious to me than my life, my birthday. This blog is expression of every moment I lived, every breath I have experienced.

Gurukripa has been always present in this world, in different forms. The Sadguru enlightens the disciple by the Gyana and the Disicple spreads the knowledge given by Sadguru. This Guru – Shishya tradition never stops. The almighty come on this earth in different forms to enlighten the mankind with the peace. The Sadguru is one form of the Almighty. Because of great Sadgurus like my Gurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Maharaj, the process of enlightenment – self realization continues to spread from one heart to another and that is the reason despite all the religious invasions, forced barbaric conversions in Bharat – India this culture is not vanished like many other cultures. The purpose of this blog is the same to spread the peace, Gyana and end the conflicts and hatred in the name of religions.

Today I am going to share the poem composing the wish ‘Gurukripa is Eternal’ by first letter of every line. This is my first attempt in Acrostic Poem form of poetry.

Gurukripa is the bliss which is timeless
Universe is blessed by the love of Gurukripa
Regional boundaries are vanished by Gurukripa
Urban or rural, Universal brotherhood here is the only ruler
Kakamaharaj’s blessings are success of life from the beginning
Ramayana’s essence, the love for the universe is the purpose of Gururkipa
Intelligent brain or emotional heart Gurukripa is life’s eternal part

Passion of Krishna Love and motivation for Moksha, the form of Gurukripa
Aham Brahmasmi the realization, Gyana, Bhakti and Karmayoga are here

I am nobody but the Gurukripa is the only serenity
Sacred faith of every divine soul is brought

Eternal love, eternal success and Gurukripa is the expression of Eternal faith
Trust is what is breathing here,
Encouraging every soul to reach and realize supreme divinity
Raising voice against the injustice with the mankind
Nothing sweeter than spreading love and peace
Artistic expressions to spread the peace
Love begins, where logic ends, devotion spreads with Gurukripa

Mere thanks everybody who supported, encouraged, motivated me in this journey will look formal. My brothers, sisters and friends who love me unconditionally, without any reason, just the way I am, for them which words should I find to express my feelings? Feelings can’t be bound in words and words can be powerful but can’t have feelings. Some feelings are so divine, I can try to write only and they reach your heart and you feel everything which I couldn’t express. This is the Universal Brotherhood. I can only promise you, that I will focus more and more writing on spirituality and Indian philosophy of Advaita, poetry which will spread the peace from my heart to you and from you to this world. Let’s make this world as a small family and celebrate the brotherhood by Mahayoga.  


  1.  aweee dear mohiniee ....I am a new member of the family  ( I guess so , M I not? :P )....but have to say your writings give me a sense of  peace within ..something that cant be described !

  2. Aish sweetie, yeah is there any need to say...:). I am really happy you feel the peace within here, that's the whole purpose of this blog. :) Thanks Dear.


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