Unseen Face of Life

This is the love story of Priya and her dreams.

Priya returned to home by some shopping, not anything big, important or tiring. Still, she felt tired a lot. As usual she took her dearest coffee and naturally opened the Facebook.

“Such a happy girl. Always cheerful.” 

This was the feeling of almost everybody around her, her friends or enemies. Everybody used to feel envy with her life and the way she was enjoying every moment of life.

Priya was reading, commenting on FB as usual, so automatically that even with closed eyes she could write the comments and LIKE perfectly. She was smiling and something was happening on Facebook.  Anybody who could see her smiling, or peeping from window, couldnt resist to envy her happiest life and couldnt control to watch her smiling.

“Hey, missed you..was busy a bit.”
“Lol :))”
“Oh God! I am so sorry..”
“Wow..its so cute, thanks for sharing.”

“He he ”
and and and...........
non stop comments on everything she was reading on news feed, the posts, photos she was tagged in, all the topics of the world, politics, friends, love, news, current affairs............so many posts, so many tags and her brain and fingers were expressing better and faster than even any machine. Though she was doing all this automatically, she was not doing injustice with all those lovely Facebook friends, she was trying to read, comment everything from the heart!

But deep inside a storm was going on……
A volcano which may burst anytime …
Anger, sadness, disgust, frustration…..
While talking with friends online, at one side she was thinking to express her feelings in status or was thinking to share some song which will express her storm….but no! She was thinking only!
‘Why should I disturb my friends by all these problems?’
‘No! I don’t know how people can share personal things public? It may be comfortable for them to see the support online? But will this change real life! Who can find solution on my problem? I have to live in this prison only!!....... ’
Thoughts, thoughts thoughts……….at one moment she felt that she is surrounded by thousands of snakes…every thought was just hurting herself more and more.

She was detached from everything! She was doing everything for others but forgetting what she really wished to do. Her dreams were calling her again and again.  Priya was still lost in the moments when she became Engineer successfully 7 years back.

‘Every emotion shown on movies is such a …drama!  In real life, the crimes happen so silently, hearts break without any song, and sometimes even without any tear, people die and nobody care…’ – Priya – a deep thinker  always drenched in her philosophical thoughts.

Priya was a natural leader and used to be successful in every goal of life, and naturally and easily she became an Engineer which was her dream and passion.  She entered new world of more dreams, lots of hard work, new friends …PG, career, struggle. Everything which she loved….

And unexpectedly, just like in Snake and ladder game, snake comes and we go down at the beginning, her parents’ expectations changed and she was restricted to home!
Now, Priya’s life is torn in two pieces, one is where she is fulfilling her duties and wish of her parents, really trying to be happy…
And another is her life of her dreams, dreams are calling her, her passion for ‘the life of her choice’, where she will be the queen of her world.
Her life is thrown in the verbal abuse by her own parents, she couldn’t complain, she couldn’t bear….she was tired, very tired from inside, her innocent eyes used to be wet always…with a natural smile on the face. Don’t know how, world couldn’t notice her wet eyes but could love her smile only.
May be she was born to smile only!

Mom : “ You know something, you are good for nothing! Why don’t you commit suicide! What is so special having just a degree….!  I can’t tolerate this girl anymore.”

Priya’s thought process was disturbed by her Mother’s loud intentionally hurting voice.

‘One more session of Verbal abuse…’ , Priya smiled helplessly….she was not a coward person, but she killed her anger for her mother and tried to tolerate.

This verbal abuse which was very well decided and planned to hammer her all the depressive thoughts would continue for three to four hours. We still feel verbal abuse is not so dangerous. Priya’s life was destroyed by this. It’s always easy to fight with enemies, but mind can’t accept the enemy in the family, mind can’t go against family.  Does this mind cheat us?
Priya was trying to think again and again, she was trying this for past seven years,

‘What was my fault? Why can’t I work? Why can’t I fulfill my dreams? What is the reason I have to live in this hell? Why should I tolerate all this?…I can live independent and I won’t bother parents anymore!’

Her Mom – dad..never answered…why she can’t work. They don’t want her to live freely was the only answer she was living.


FB Notification : You are tagged in xyz’s photo.
Priya Comments : Wow! That’s so wonderful yaar. Thanks for the tag.
Notification: xyz likes your comment.
Priya : ..smiling..
Mother: Leave our home today..Until and unless you die, we can’t see anything good in our lives.

Now, mother was saying her to leave the home… just to threaten, to see Priya’s reaction….does she still has courage to go anywhere?
Now, Priya really decides to share all this with somebody…but her fingers stop! Nobody still really understands verbal abuse.

Verbal abuse can be more harmful than physical abuse. But the world is always in a hurry to pass comments on other’s lives and to give judgment on what should or shouldn’t do. Priya was also facing many such advices…but she couldn’t tell the reason she is jobless.

Priya’s life is not a failure, but it’s not heading towards any success. She was doing everything, she could do, but she couldn’t find the success! It has become just a puzzle.

All the fractions ….when put at right place the perfect picture is formed, which always should be formed! Jiasaw puzzle which can’t bring so many pictures but can form only one, which was always there.

It was a relaxing Sunday evening

No! It was just another Sunday evening for Priya, as she was jobless, she had all seven days to work online, as much as she could try, the work which was just volunteering, social or patriotic all the useless stuff according to the world, because this work didn’t have any earning!

People’s verdict was given, even Priya didn’t ask them. But this busy world always has lot of time to judge others’ lives.

‘Don’t be coward! Go and work somewhere.’

‘How much your parents will work for you!!!’

‘Look at me, I had only 900 Rs.  In pocket when I left home for career and now…’
These harsh words were hurting her like arrows.  But her expression of pain was just a weak smile.

Sometimes she felt she should really angrily answer these preachers, they didn’t face verbal abuse, and they didn’t face the threats from their family. They have never heard the word ‘Verbal and emotional abuse!’ But she used to give a simple smile only!

So…that was just another Sunday evening, apart from so many social networking sites, Priya again opened one Jigsaw and tried to reassemble a picture of a smiling woman. As usual her mind was stormy, her heart was just burning like a volcano and the game was going on naturally.

‘Fractions of mind and fractions of life…’ Priya was thinking.
‘Who has cheated me? Parents, people, life or God? Or Nobody?’

 – The endless thought riot.

The puzzle was so easy, she solved and smiled….but what about Priya’s life’s JigSaw Puzzle?....

God gives us life, relations and situations.  They are just mixed up, we need to place right thing at right place and we can live the destined picture.

Priya has to choose her dreams for her ‘Pride’ and the Pride of life.
The paradise is not somewhere beyond imagination. Just to fulfill duties and live for others is not the beauty of life, when you sacrifice your dreams, for duties you are doing suicide. It’s not the True Dharma.

The life can become a beautiful verse
When you live for your dreams..
For yourself…

Why can't Priya realize this simple answer?

The success of abuser is constant abusing confuse the mind of victim, they just force to think that abuser is always right and victim should always justify, follow and live under the control of abuser. Here Priya is compromising her dreams mixing up duties with the abuse she is facing. What she feels, she can’t follow. ……she just keep moving in the circle of thoughts...

PS : This is first story written by me, it’s just an attempt. A small effort to draw the attention of readers on the issue of Verbal – Emotional – Financial abuse and the pain of the victims. In most of the cases, it’s really hard for the victim to share anything what they are facing. It’s like a trap, very very hard to escape. While writing this, even I don’t know how to help the victims of verbal abuse, because we can’t interfere in anybody’s personal life. So this story is left incomplete….

Most important point, not necessary there is any reason of abuse, abuser is abuser and victim is victim!

Image Credits : Screen shots from http://www.proprofs.com/games/jigsaw/smile/

This post is part of the contest Ten words to a Story(or Poem).. on WriteUpCafe.com

The compulsory words were :

1.   torn
2.   pride
3.   snake
4.   riot
5.   arrow
6.   verse
7.   passion
8.   cheat
9.   paradise
10. evening 

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  1. Yes indeed, a very difficult topic you tackled here. Well done though, creating awareness through your story may help open a victim or abuser's eyes to the truth. Best of luck in the competition.

  2. Thought provoking indeed. And very well explained through an engaging story. I think you have been able to deliver your message across. All the best for competition.

  3. this was an eye opener indeed! the story really conveyed the emotions well. :)

  4. Great, there were lot of catchy and heartful oneliners till the end,. But when I read, in between, I felt that I know this priya, or I know atleast the shadow of her!

  5. Dear Helenji,

    Namaste. Welcome to Gurukripa. Thank you so much for the appreciation and wishes. This is really great tonic for a new comer in story writing and as a blogger too. :)

  6. Welcome JJ to Gurukripa. Namaste. Thank you so much for the   wishes and appreciative response. :). I am glad you find the story engaging. 

  7. Aish Namste! Thank you so much for encouragement and support. :)

  8. Jaideep Namaste!  

    Thank you so much for the response with depth.  I think you are feeling the same shadow, on whom this story is written. :)

  9. Nice narration, Verbal Abuse is a suggestion, you can make
    to Satyameva Jayate team-  they can take
    up this cause and address at National Level.

  10. Nicely written and very well narrated. Brought out the message clearly! :)

  11. Namaste Kachalia, Suswagatam to Gurukripa. Thank you so much for your appreciation.

  12. Namste and Welcome Viyoma.  Thanks for your response and suggestion too. :). I will be raising this topic at the level I can.

  13. A wonderful story told with as real feel as it could get. Could really feel the pain of Priya.

  14. Very poignant and heartfelt, stirred up emotions within... Verbal abuse is something that breaks you and it is stressful, more so if it comes from someone as close as parents. Difficult situations,  but yes... it happens and its a very sad situation overall...

    Excellent attempt, Mohinee. You write so beautiful... straight from the heart, slow and with a lot of feelings. You should definitely be writing more of it. I look forward to reading more.

  15. verbal abuse vanishes out one's mind all over, you may just not help yourself to come out of it & it hurts most when your loved ones nail them at you, you may not escape from the situation; & yes! when our elder ones pose them we find ourselves just baseless, we keep pondering our meaning of existence........true dharma is in following your inherent dreams.......you may keep others happy only whenyou are happy :)

  16. Thank you so much Arti. I am really glad for such encouragement for the first attempt in story writing. By such support, hope I can bring more issues in the form of stories.

  17. Very well said Gayatriji..:). We need to know ourselves and live  our life, not just sacrifice.