First Love

This week's theme for Haiku Heights is 'First'.  The first theme came in my mind reading the word first, is first love. Nobody, can forget the innocent feelings of first love. I feel, love can't be first, second....Love is just love the first feeling which tells us the meaning of life. Today, I am so happy, to present a poem with the Haiku on the same theme. Haiku and poem is dedicated to Lord Krishna and His love..
Inspired by the theme at

first love is like the
first raining, I always feel
your first smile gave life

Poem Dedicated to the first love- Lord Krishna:

You are my first love
The first feeling I knew about the love
Your smile, your eyes, your voice and your flute
Your touch, just the complete love

My first breath of life, is your love
Your smile has given me the new life
You made me complete,
with the sweetest love

Your love is eternal,
your song is eternal
Your flute sings my name,
you made me immortal.
Your eyes spread the rays of love
Your smile reaches the heart
to tell the warmth of love

Your touch tells the magic
which soothes all the sorrows
Your 'Dhyana' ends all the fears
gives me an eternal smile
which is just like 'YOU'

Your smile has melted me
within you ...
my dearest love...
I am become You now.


  1. "I am U" The beautiful feeling of love and your words, wow Mohinee, you are rocking!

    Someone is Special


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