Narayankripa In Every Breath

It has been a month since I am not able to write properly from the time my Sadgurudeva left His Earthly divine presence from this world. I wished to write a post dedicated to Sadgurudeva  H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekhane Maharaj, but I just couldn't write the words like Memories...(--:'( --) in the article or poem. Everybody has their own world, but for me Sadgurudeva is the only world. 

This sadness stopped my pen or stopped my heart, I don't know, but it was too painful to write anything again. I would not meet all the divine people here, if I would not come into blogging. It is all His Kripa that I am writing on different topics and on the poetry. I was feeling that how to meet Him again, how to listen to His divine voice again. There is no life and no reason to live if He is not here. 

But now I am realizing the Narayankripa which is beyond the worldly limits.

Image: H. H. Sadguru Shri Narayankaka Dhekane  Maharaj

Narayankripa is The Viveka and The Gyana:

Narayankripa is not just preaching or just anything Param Pujya Shri Gurudeva taught to me, but the Viveka, He has given, the Gyana which comes from the heart not from outside, is the experience of the Narayankripa. 

What is Viveka? 

Viveka is not just the ability to decide what is right and what is wrong, but it is the natural detachment from anything which will be harmful for spirituality. I think this is the highest success of the life. It is not possible to have this Viveka by reading spiritual books only, because the time when we have to take some important decision, we fail to understand or predict the effect of our decision on the spirituality. The wrong decision not only harms spirituality but as a Sadhaka or a devotee who is not willing to get attached  to material life may not be successful in worldly matters too. This may bring the life of the devotee or the Sadhaka in the frustration. 

Melting All The Confusions is The Gyana:

Without the Gurukripa, and without a Sadguru like Param Pujya Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj, there could be no end to the confusions. Reading many many books may increase the confusions only. I have gone through many questions, confusions and of course their effects too in which the Guiding light which shows me the right path is the Gurukripa only. Without this Gurukripa life would be impossible to live for every second. 

Mahayoga - The Realization of Narayankripa:

ShriGurumaharaj has emphasized the Mahayoga -worship of the Prana and to observe the natural breathing daily for the dedicated time. The Prana - the breathing is the Parameshwar, the Almighty and this realization which shows the Universal Brotherhood is the Narayankripa, The Narayankripa in Every Breath

When this Narayankripa is in every breath, is expressed in every word what is left here for which I should be sad or for which I should cry? 

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