Happy Rakshabandhan

Happy RakshaBandhan to all the Brothers and Sisters

The bond of love, the bond of protection,
Happy Rakshabandhan

Today on the festival of Rakshabandhan, when the sister ties the sacred thread of Rakhi on brother's wrist, brother promises to protect the sister from all the evil in the world. All the sisters, today promise your brother, that you will be strong and courageous enough so that no enemy will dare to or think to harm you. Dear brothers, motivate sisters to become strong. The weak person has 'no life' in this world, weak has to live only to be victim of stronger enemy. So, brothers and sisters everybody become strong, physically and mentally too. 

Yesterday we witnessed another series of Bomb blasts in Pune city of Maharashtra. All this is happening with us JUST because we have chosen the life of a coward in the name of non violence. We don't need to harm anybody to become and stay strong. There is no sin in living as a person who can protect themselves and can protect others. We are forgotten even SELF DEFENSE, why? 

Everybody can easily learn and achieve strength for Self defense. 

Today, make a promise with yourself, you will be strong enough to protect yourself and to protect others too.


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