Inspiration from Bhagwadgeeta

On this very special day of Geeta Jayanti, the name of our blog Gurukripa is changed to Narayankripa. By Narayankripa, today I am sharing the inspiration of Bhagwadgeeta. I am not great seer or not even a scholar of Sanskrit, to explain the meaning of Bhagwadgeeta but I can write what I have realized in simple words, from the eyes of an ordinary person which is practical for people like me. The inspiration I realized today is from the verse
"Karmanyevādhhikāraste Mā Faleshu Kadāchana". I don't think that there can be anybody in this world who might be unaware of this verse, so I am not sharing the translation, not even interpretation.

Story of An Ant Which Inspired Me : 

The inspiration I realized is from an ant. Today, I was just observing an ant, that small creature did not even know that someone is observing her. She was in a hurry to reach to her destination as usual just like all ants are busy in their work only. The thing I noticed, was she did not care about the obstacles she had, the extra efforts energy she needed to cross the obstacle, she did not even stop to think or to feel tensed and depressed about the obstacles. In almost one minute she reached a distance where I could not see her. How can we explain this focused work, desperate desire to reach the destination in words, it's only the Karmayoga told by Lord Shrikrishna. An ant never cares about the result, she only knows to perform her duty with the complete concentration and with the complete dedication most most important thing to learn for human beings. 

Sometimes these ants get crushed by humans by mistake, this means they should have some fear while working when humans are around, but have you ever seen any fear in their work? 

Why don't we give our best to the world, to our goal? 

Can you imagine that an ant gets addicted because of some failure in life? 

Can you imagine even failure thing in the life of an ant? 

Then, we are the humans, why do we waste our energy in worrying, in tensions, in depression and even crying about the past?  

The Realization of Karmayoga:

Lord Shrishna's message in Bhagwadgeeta gives the similar inspiration to me. I realized, 

"For me, it's not important that what others should do, what is their duty. But the most important thing is that what I should do, what is my duty towards, my parents, my family, the society, duty towards my country and the duty towards the whole world. It's not in my capacity to change the whole world, or to change others, but I can perform my duty only. My complete dedication to my work, my duty is the worship -a Puja, while worshiping my mind is not attached in the result nor in the future or the past. My duty is to focus only in the present and I have to perform my duty till the last breath. I should not ever be lazy in performing the duty. This is the Karmayoga."

The inspirational divine poems on the message of Lord Shrikrishna and Shrimadbhagwadgeeta in Hindi on Chaitanyapuja 

Utha Vah Gandiv


in Marathi on Vicharyadnya

Uchal Te Gandiv


  1. Really It's a nice post you have posted here. The thought that have been presented by Shri Krishna about the karma is very much appreciable. I had read the epic twice and so I am taking spirituality and Meditation classes from Chamunda Swami Ji. He is a great spiritual healer in NYC.

  2. Welcome Pamella to Narayankripa. I am sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your views. Glad to know that you have read the Bhagwadgeeta twice. :)

  3. Such an inspiring message...

    Nature is serene and every element of its conveys a thousand little things that could make us move on, overcome the difficult phases in life..

    An ant, a little creature ; a beautiful inspiration.

    I admire Lord Shri krishna's words..

  4. Thank you dear for the beautiful words..:) .


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