Thoughts to Samadhi

Poem from negative thoughts, depression to Samadhi. 

All the colors of rainbow
Are looking shaded by Gray and black today!
Why ….?
Why ……so?

Is it the real rainbow?
Or the reflection of my sad heart?
Is it the sign of future rain
Or the depressed thoughts of my heart?

I have never seen such rainbow,
Rainbows smile with all colors
Sharing the joy of the sky due to rain
With the sad, depressed earth

Why this rainbow is so different?
Is it before the rain?
Have you ever seen the rainbow before the rain?
Is this because a small incomplete rain…
Increasing the depression to meet the love

Darkness is due to only clouds,
Which are going to bring the rain
Depression is the only saturation of thoughts
Which is going to bring the rain
of new thoughts and new success

Now, I realized the reason, why
I like this dark shaded rainbow
Now, I realized the reason, why
I am not bothered by depression

The rainbow, clouds and sky
Everything is Still like an image
Depression, thoughts, hope
Everything is Still like ‘Nothing’
Nothing –like vacuum in the wind

A phase beyond all the phases
Samadhi’ in the life while living it
Leaving everything naturally
Leaving even the thoughts of ‘Leaving’
Thoughts and efforts of ‘Vairagya’

Peace was and is always within me
Despite all the positive and negative thoughts
Just like the vacuum in the wind
Wind which is filled with dust and even garbage

Samadhi is not the death
But a phase beyond the life and death
A phase beyond the words and thoughts
A ‘still’ phase in the ever changing life

H. H. Sadgurudeva Shri. Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj, always emphasizes the importance Prana than the mind. Mind is always filled with changing thoughts of positive hope and depression. Prana never changes. If you observe natural breathing all these thoughts vanish and a peace is discovered within. (We have shared these thoughts earlier too, but the importance of Mahayoga is expressed in different contexts, so repeating here shouldn't be wrong. )

I used to give too much importance to depression and negative thoughts and tried to change them. But fighting with mind is not the permanent solution on changing mind; in fact it gives strength to this positive – negative cycle. Indian spirituality – the philosophy of Advaita is the solution on this changing mind. That is all described here, thoughts came after seeing a rainbow, really described above, dark shaded and I was also sad at that time.

Samadhi is not something which we can attain after death, we can experience Samadhi, while living this life, and we do not need the efforts to leave the attachments but it happens naturally. Samadhi is beyond all the thoughts and the peace which we discover within, can’t be experienced by any positive thoughts hope, this is beyond everything. I am not saying hope or positive thoughts are wrong, but we can go beyond the mind and that is the success of human life according to Indian philosophical scriptures.


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