Janmashtami Celebrations

A very very special person’s birthday is on this Friday.  This person is special for everybody in this world. I know, you have guessed it, I am talking about Lord Krishna. Yes, our beloved
Lord Krishna’s birthday is on this Friday known as Janmashtami .

The fast is observed on Janmashtami and Janmashtami  is celebrated at 12 midnight on that day. Lord Shrikrishna takes birth by His wish not bound by Karma and life and death to meet all the devotees to save this earth from all the evil and Asuras and to establish the Dharma again.

Gurukripa is wishing you all a Very Divine, Happy Janmashtami  in an Acrostic poem composing ‘Happy Janmashtami’ and every line ends with His name, 'Krishna' This poem is the garland of words for my love Krishna.

Heart is stolen by the smile of Krishna
Aura is filled with the light of Krishna
Passing every moment missing Krishna
Pleasant is every breath still missing Krishna
Yes! He is my love Krishna
Janmashtami is His Birthday
Anand’ waves are brought by His birthday
Never leave ‘me’ for a fraction of a moment, ‘O Krishna’
My heart will stop beating if you leave me ‘O Krishna’
As every breath takes your name Krishna
Serenity and love fill my heart by Krishna
Hero of the universe only You are Krishna!
To end all the sorrows from every heart you come to earth ‘O Krishna’
Almighty You are, complete Love You Are, ‘O Krishna’
My love, my friend only You are ‘Dearest Krishna’
In every moment of life protecting us is only You Are Krishna

Krishna has promised Arjuna and all of us that HE comes to earth when and every time when Adharma becomes powerful on this earth. So when we do little effort to stand with Truth, Justice, Dharma and humanity Lord Krishna is with us to protect us, to give us strength and courage. And, this is not my faith, He never breaks His promise. He is the Truth, He is the Love, so where there is truth and love, He is always present.

Happy Janmashtami to all the readers, friends, supporters, well wishers of Gurukripa once again.

May Lord Krishna bless you with Gyana, Bhakti, love and happiness.


  1. It was only a coincidence that me too was born on krushnajanmashtami exactly at 00:00 Hours.

  2. If it's a coincidence what can be better blessing than this? Blessed to have you here Shrikrishnaji. and I am sorry for the late reply, comment form has some issues.

  3. I just love the janmashtami festival a lot, i was searching for more janmashtami 2013 wall papers, can you provide me please?


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