When Life Was Stopped

This poem is a reflection of depressed mind and expressing a motivation to live. While writing these lines, I was under extreme stress and while writing I got an answer of my questions.

No stars were shining
And the moon was also looking faded
All the hope for life was ended
Life was stopped
The life was stopped
But the death didn’t arrive

I was so deserted
Lost the reason to live
The heart which was emotional once
Was only there for restless beats
No rhythm in the heart beats
No rhythm in the word beats of life
Because here,
Life was stopped
The death did not arrive

To end these painful moments
Death didn’t arrive

Whom to tell,
Whom to share,
Why only I live,
With this burden to bear,
I can’t express
I am weak
I can’t speak
My emotions are dead
The moment when
Life was stopped
Death did not arrive

This world, this crowd,
These people,
Their expressions, their hatred
Which are so loud
This became a desert for me
I didn’t know I was alive or dead
Because at this point
Life was stopped
The death was not ready to arrive

I was not dead
Just because I was breathing
But life was stopped.
No moon smiled to give me hope
No love talked
To give me reason to live
No faith gave me
Courage to fight
Everything was silent
Life was stopped and
The death wasn’t arrived.

A tear rolled…
A tear rolled..
To tell I am alive…
The breathing became fast
To shout, ‘Yes you are alive’
Heart cried loudly
‘Your emotions are not dead’
You are sad and you need to cry.
If nobody loves you
Still life loves you
Soyou are alive
You are not Dead…

Because ‘HE’ wants you to live…
If you are alone,
Still, Life is with ‘You’,
Which is not with many who stopped breathing…
But it’s with you…
And if life is with you
You are not alone…
If nobody understands you..
Still you have the right to live
If nobody trusts you
Still you have the right to live
If hope is ended
Still you have the reason to live
You have the life with you
Your breathing is with you
That ‘IS’ the reason to live…
Who are you to end it,
Or even think to end it..
When ‘HE’ is keeping you alive….
Life is not stopped and
You have to live….
To spread the love, happiness and peace.

PS : ‘HE’ means the Param Ishwar.


  1. Very beautiful message of hope and optimism in times of stress and despair, Mohinee :) We need to remember this message whenever we feel low or down. Soothing words, Keep writing, dear  :)

  2. Thank you Arti. Extreme depression can cause the thoughts to suicide and I am sure, if anybody in such thoughts read this poem, one life will be saved. :). I am so glad to see your comment. 

  3. Like the last line. Whatever happens our life has to go. What do you say ?

  4. When I started reading ,thought it to be very depressing but as I proceeded it turned out to be full of positivity giving a clear message that 'Life is ti Live'.

  5. Namaste Shriram Sir, yes the extreme depression is expressed, because many people live in this condition, and if anybody reads this poem, they may feel like a friend with them. While writing I got the answer, why should we live! Thanks for your precious thought. 

  6. Yes Indiamap, life shouldn't be stopped. Thanks..:)


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