O Blue Sky

The almighty is like the Sky, everywhere and Indian Philosophy of Advaita is even beyond the limits of The Sky. I love the sky, because it teaches, it shows the Oneness. I love its blue color which represents the bliss and purity.  Today’s poem is the hymn of The Sky, a prayer to the Sky. 

People say and believe about Hinduism is that we worship different Gods, many Gods. But in reality we worship the supreme power, so you will find similar Hymns in Vedas where the Almighty is worshiped in different forms.

Blue Sky

O Blue Sky, I wanna be like You
O Blue Sky, I wish to Smile ‘Purest’ just like You

O Blue Sky, I wanna bring the ‘Sunrise’
The bliss in every living being

O Blue Sky! And I wannna turn the black clouds of sorrows
In the Rain of Peace giving new life to all sad hearts

O Blue Sky! I wanna draw a rainbow of Pleasant Moments
With the Sunshine of Smile in all circumstances.

O Blue Sky! I wanna Live the Oneness ofAdvaita
Which has taught by your existence.

O Blue Sky! I wanna be Like You
Who accepts everything but gives peace and beautiful smile in return.

O Blue Sky! Make me strong like you
To accept love and hatred without attachment.

O Blue Sky! Make me blue like you
Who reflects the purity of love

O Blue Sky! Give me courage to bear
The strong heat of anger within me


O dear Blue Sky! Make me Peaceful enough
To spread the rain of peace
Which will cool the heat of hatred in the world

O Blue Sky! I am asking too much than I deserve
But it’s you who can give me all this I desire

O Blue Sky!  Give me the purest white color of Gyana
To reflect the Gyana of my heart

O Blue Sky! Make me experience
All shades of love and devotion
Just like the beautiful colors you have

O Blue Sky! Make me stable and without attachment
Just like you are in Sunrise and Sunshine

In  every moment of good and bad
In every victory and defeat
In every success and failure

O Blue Sky, Make me Mukta
Just like you are
Free from the Bondage
Free from the Bondage