201st Golden Page on Gurukripa

Namaste Brothers and Sisters,

Today my fingers are writing the 201st Golden Page on Gurukripa. Gurukripa is not just a word for me, it’s not just a name for me, Gurukripa is not just a blog for me.

Gurukripa is my life and my life is Gurukripa, complete Gurukripa.
Most of you know that I 
am in blogging just because my Lord Gurudeva P. P. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj, has told me to publish what I write, and I started, I came in social networking, I started talking with bloggers and my life just became really the Life. I always like to stay silent, away from the world; I love to do something which won’t bring me much in fame or crowd. But because of Gurukripa, I changed and I love this blogging world now.

When I look back, what have I wrote all these 200 posts and almost 100 more on other blogs, I am surprised with the blessings, love and motivation I have received all during this journey.  The support from all the streams, bloggers, Facebook Friends and many other social networking sites including LinkedIn, is just unbelievable.

If you are new to the blog, you will be happy to know the writing on various types just like a beautiful colorful rainbow and if you are regular reader, one of my best friends, or the friend of this lovely blog, I am sure you must be cherishing the memories of the 200 posts, the incredible thoughts we have shared together. 

You are always with me, talking like a friend, so I never felt like I am the writer and I am writing this alone. This blog is the love for Indian Spirituality and Hinduism people have all over the world. So this is success of everybody who is with me during this journey.

Poems : I always had the dream to become poetess and the Gurukripa made me write wonderful thoughts, from Advaita to Friendship, from Hymns to Motivational. And I don’t think you will ever forget the cute love poems about Me and Lord Krishna. I know, I am a crazy person, but when it comes to Lord Krishna who can stop writing about love! I can’t choose which poem I love most. They are like babies. Or like cute little flowers. The social issues, poems on warriors, poems dedicated to my sweet friends, my life which I call as Lifesong, all that are touching various subjects, still if you read them together carefully, you will find Bhaktiyoga and Advaita expressed there. The Great warrior Shri. Narayanan Venkatakrishnan Sir has always motivated me to focus on poetry. Because of which, the most beautiful and long poems I could write. We have more than 100 poems in 200 posts and a beautiful one which is written together by me, Geeta and Simran dedicated to our friend Monu.

You might be remembering, we have started this journey by the tagline and goal, Indian Philosophy and Culture for today and tomorrow. The feedback I am getting from the posts, I realized, friends, strangers, new visitors, really loving, feeling the message our Indian Spirituality has given through this blog. I never thought, I can do all this by my own knowledge, but I really believed Gurukripa can make the transformation from within very easily, so I can write, you feel, experience the eternal love and peace. This is not my Kartrutva, this not something which I have done, but the Mother Goddess, who is within you and me is doing all this.

So, we talked on current affairs, we discussed on HungerStrike, Terrorism and Bomb Blasts, Social Issues, Hindutva and recently One Short Story expressing the feelings of victim of a verbal abuse. We have seen Indian Festivals and their importance and meaning. We have discussed Indian traditions which are not just myth or superstitions. 

Before the beginning of month April, I tried a new form of poetry – Haiku. I would never try this, if the Best Haiku Poet and my friend Leo won’t motivate me and he motivated me till I started writing Haiku. At once I was so scared by syllables that I wrote Haiku but did not share anywhere. Again Leo motivated and as I have shared earlier, he taught me Haiku by tweets and Haiku itself. Saravana, Simran, Arti, Pooja motivated me to write Haiku and finally I could take the challenge of Haiku Heights 2012 and finished it successfully, so far 46 Haiku/Senryu are written.

The biggest Milestone in Gurukripa journey is the contest Gurukripa Grand Patriotic Poetry Contest. We have witnessed such a wonderful response for patriotism and poetry. It wouldn’t be successful without the cooperation of the judges which are best in blogging and their field also, Shri Vinayak RanadeSir, Shri Shriam Ayyangar Sir, my dearest soul sister Geeta Singh and brother SaravanaKumar Murugan.  Saravana Kumar gained the support for the contest from Non Indian bloggers with the tireless work and gave surprise prize on his behalf. I don’t know how to express my feelings; Gurukripa has seen new heights during contest days. The uniqueness of the contest was bloggers and non – bloggers everybody was invited to participate, so it was comprehensive. Also, the competition was in Hindi and English so it brought writers from both languages together. The winners were the best of the best, Shri Amitabh Jhaji’s poem 'Mere Sapno Ka Bharat' featured on blog, is still in the most popular posts’ list.

We have started a series on Narada Bhakti Sutra too which is a big challenge and so it is going slowly.

And, we can’t close the celebration without a beautiful poem dedicated to this Golden page, my life and dreams. As you all know, I like to see day dreams and I like to work hard to make them come true. Nobody used to believe some years back and in childhood too, when I used to tell my dreams and now I am living a life more than dreams because of Gurukripa.

I saw a dream
And everybody laughed
My eyes were in the future
And I just smiled
I saw a dream…..
Some years back…
I saw a dream…
Dream to write my dreams
Dream to know your dreams
Dreams to lighten the hope
In every heart
Who lost the smile and the winners’ heart
Just some years back
I remember
I saw a dream
To awaken a sad heart
To wipe the silent tears
To bring the smile stolen
By strange fears.
Yes! I saw a dream..
I never knew
HE also had dreams
Dreams…. just for me
Dreams just for my slime
I never knew,
HE was waiting for me to lift the pen
HE was waiting to speak
With me, with you all
By my pen, by my smile, from my heart…
To destroy all the pain
From the world’s heart
HE was always there smiling
For my dreams
HE was always there
Caring for my dreams….
I saw a dream
Some years back..
HE made them my life
With HIS dreams beautiful than dreams.

When everybody thought
My dream as ‘Day - Dreaming’
I knew that this will be
The ‘Self Realization’
The realization of ‘ME’
Who is beyond the dreams and beyond the ‘Maya’

The dream of ‘HE and ME’
The Eternal Peace and Love

You know, HE is my love my Dearest Krishna, whom people call as Lord Krishna.

On blogoversary, we will see the blogging and facebook angels, who supported, motivated and encouraged me to reach here and Gurukripa is coming now with a new exceptional feature which will make you fall in love with Indian Culture and Advaita Philosophy.

PS :  One person who justified the copying and theft of my original post by one Meditation Guru, publicly said that, why I am so possessive about my article? What should I say! :) 


  1. Congratulations Mohinee...keep scribbling...waiting to see you reach 500th post soon... :)

  2.  Congo Di !! I just love your poems.Keep going with your awesome work :))

  3. Dear Sister,

    Glad to read the 201st Golden Page, and I'm happy to be part of this huge milestone. Gurukripa contest, brought the best from everyone, and I'm happy you mentioned each and every step we took, thanks! and as you said, the poems you penned for Lord Krishna were the best ones from you, I loved reading it. Glad to have find you, little one through blogging word, and thanks for everything.. Keep writing, more and more!

    Someone is Special

  4. Congrats Mohu!!! :)
    Again Celebration time :D

    It is great to read the wonderful achievement of Gurukripa ...
    Rejoiced to read the journey we did  together till shinning 201st post!
    Memorable and Precious!
    Reading you makes me ponder over, amaze me and gives me immense pleasure. I thank to God for blessing me you as my siso ...
    You are my bliss...
    Keep Writing and adding more and more glories to Gurukripa... :)

    P.S. - Header pic.. ''Awesome'' :D

  5. its indeed lovely to see love so true from heart! 
    In this world of deception ,you re indeed lucky to have such a beautiful relationship with god :)
    the poem is beautiful dear, a big congrats over this milestone :)

  6. Thank you dearest brother Govind..:). 

  7. Thanks Brother..:). It was a nice work in Gurukripa poetry contest and you took a lot of efforts to make it success.

  8. Thank you Sweetie..:). Yeah everything is so memorable and precious..:)

  9. Sweet Aish, sweetness flows from your response, thanks for such sweet comment like honey..:)

  10. Cynosure, thank you so much. So far, I did not think about 500, but seeing encouragement from the friends I think I will reach there soon. Thanks again....:)