Stop Cow Slaughter 'for' Religious Festivals

Today is Eid - ul - Fitar or Ramadan Eid and most of the Hindus must be sad today because of cow slaughter to celebrate Eid. 

Cow slaughter is a very sensitive issue and when we talk against it the people, the fanatic Muslims, who slaughter cows in the name of sacrifice, their religious feelings get hurt.  I have written in Hindi already on this issue
Today’s article is mainly written for those who say that they are secular but really do not know the meaning of secularism according to Indian constitution and while showing off their secularism, they keep hurting feelings of Hidus.

According to Indian Constitution, India is a secular country which means that our constitution believes that all religions are equal.  Now, how this is practical? We get the news reports that on and before Eid cow slaughters increases suddenly. I suppose most of us know, actually what is the reason behind cow slaughter on Eid, but we do not dare to say or express what we feel. But is it right according to the constitution? The cow is holy for Hindus.  We worship the cow as Ishwar and mother. And our feelings are hurt due to cow slaughter on Eid. Whenever I have participated in debates related to cow slaughter, I have found the Hindus justifying cow slaughter. The surprise is that cow slaughter is justified because according to pseudo secular people, we should respect the feelings of Muslims.  Then  next step is we should wish them on Eid to prove that we are secular. And the further steps are to eat beef. The people like me who oppose cow slaughter are treated as right wing, mad fanatic, communal etc. etc.

 I just wish to draw attention of the readers towards the legal aspect of this issue. To hurt Hindus’ feelings just to celebrate a religious festival should not be allowed as our country is not an Islamic state where sharia rules can be applied or religious freedom and feelings of other religions can be restricted.  Most of the so called secular people are actually promoting the fanaticism, justifying the cruelty and really living and working against the secular constitution of India.

My question to all the so called secular people of India and the liberal people worldwide is that, what is wrong if we Hindus expect that our cultural and spiritual faiths should not be hurt in our own country?

The second aspect is how to treat all the religions equally,  if some religions feel the great religious victory and spirituality in hurting sentiments of other religions, intentionally slaughtering the cows who are holy for Hindus.

This cow slaughter issue is always misinterpreted. 

Let’s discuss the spiritual aspect of this issue.  Most of the people in this world use milk and milk products (exception - those divine souls who use only vegan products.) So if we treat cows as Mother, even if you can’t accept the cow as the Ishwar, it is all natural. Advaita teaches the oneness. We Hindus believe The Ishwar is in every heart. So, our religious feelings are really Normal and mainly not harming the world and the humanity.

The cow slaughter is justified by Muslims as their religious faith or according to them Qur’an teaches , that sacrifice is must on Eid.

Indian spirituality and Hinduism teach that the Vikaras, the vices inside us like hatred, greed, lusts should be removed. The six Vikaras are most dangerous and if you really want the peace, don’t kill anybody but kill your Vikaras, and offer this ‘Bali’ what people call it in English as sacrifice the Viakaras. Actually sacrifice is not the appropriate word for cow slaughter. Cow slaughter is just slaughter because cows don’t come by their wish to kill themselves.  Actually, sacrifice word would be appropriate if devotional Muslims would sacrifice themselves to celebrate Eid.

If we wish to find the solution of this issue and if we wish to respect all religions equally, on Eid or any religious festival kill your Vikaras not the innocent holy cows.  By this, we will really get the peace and grow spiritually. Pray to the Almighty for the peace. Viakaras will vanish if we really surrender our mind to the Almighty, if we follow the spiritual rules and practice Sadhana our inner purification will happen.  The first and basic rule of Sahdana is Ahimsa, if you kill cows for religious festivals, if you give pain to others how will you get happiness in your life? I know, fanatic people and pseudo secular Hindus have closed their eyes and hearts, so it is really difficult to expect any positive response from them, but  I  just keep trying, because that gives satisfaction to me.

In  this article my emphasis is on Cow slaughter on religious festival and celebrations,  this does not mean that the cow slaughter and eating beef is justified otherwise.  But killing cows on religious festival shows that the religion is not related to spirituality, and it is only superstitious.

Many people blame Hindu Traditions of killing animals and offering to the deities and according to them because of such traditions, we do not have right to oppose Muslims.

Basically, wrong traditions occur in any culture and people oppose them and they get removed too. In Hinduism we can oppose what we do not believe as right thing. Our culture is not based on any dogma, so we can always improve our life, improve ourselves, we can leave what is wrong and we can adopt what is good. There is no fanaticism in our culture.  So this argument is not valid to justify cow slaughter on Eid.

Second argument is if Hindus eat beef we should not blame Muslims.  This argument also can’t justify cow slaughter on Eid. Nobody has the right to hurt feelings of the majority of this country and nobody has right to kill innocent animals mainly to show off their religious faith. The intensity of cruelty, fanaticism increases because, on Eid cows are slaughtered in the name of faith,Allah, and religion, that religion who is publicized as religion of peace.

If only one ignorant Hindu understands my point of view and stop justifying  cow slaughter I will feel some peace today.

I can try to give wishes of Eid to Muslim brothers only when cow slaughter on Eid - at least on Eid - will be stopped. 


  1. It's very easy to find out any matter on web as compared to textbooks, as I found this post at this web page.
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  2. Secularism as its practisedin this country today means one has to be a ignorant Hindu with a wrong opinion and for that you get time with the media because when a logical Hindu starts putting points then TRPs don't go up and it will be seen as anti-minority.

  3. Sriram Ramaswamyji, absolutely true. I agree with you. And this attitude and lifestyle of ignorance towards our identity has been increased a lot.


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