The Paradise Destroyed by Snake……

This poem is dedicated to the common people of India - Bharat who have faced the communal violence.

We have been given 10 words which should be in the poem at least once in any order, the words are,

1. torn
2. pride
3. snake
4. arrow
5. verse
6. passion
7. cheat
8. paradise
9. evening
10. riot

everybody was writing the beautiful verses
on the pages of life with the dreams of love
and one evening the snake of riot bit
their paradise of dreams
their paradise was torn
their dreams were now just pieces
with their bodies in pieces
they used to dream about peace
and now they were trying to collect the pieces of life
their paradise of dreams was destroyed by the snake of hatred

they knew the passion for love and peace
they knew the passion for the unity
they did the sacrifice for the peace
but they couldn’t see the arrow of danger
on their path of peace, love and unity
the path of danger hidden in the safety
their eyes were so dreamy
they couldn’t see the cheated humanity
couldn’t see the screams of their brothers and sisters
for them their dream of peace was so real
that the real voice of deaths screams they couldn’t hear
they couldn’t read the arrow of danger
their paradise is going be destroyed by the snake of fanaticism

they knew the verses of unity
the poetry of non violence
and the epic of humanity
but they never knew the restless snake
who couldn’t tolerate their peaceful paradise
the enemy of humanity
who wanted to steal their peace

 their ordinary lives were desperate for the unity and harmony
and the goons were being prepared to kill the humanity
the superstitions of fanatics were being provoked
and the traitors were busy in pouring the money
to make the mob mad with the poison of hatred.
another riot…..
to destroy the little paradise of ordinary people.

the villagers, the citizens were so ordinary
that they never knew any security
they knew the celebrations of love
and festivals of humanity
they never noticed the snake is around them
the poison of hatred building around them

and their paradise was destroyed once again
the poison was spread everywhere once again
the riots, screams, dead bodies and looted victims
the enemy of humanity was happy now,
the enemy of peace felt the peace now
making the pieces of humanity….
their little paradise of dreams was destroyed once again

the pride of the nation was hurt
the feeling of unity was again proved just a dream
the dreamy eyes were now shedding the tears of blood
their passion for love was now crying for years
their passion for love was now crying for years

I have seen the riots in my city Dhule in 2008, I used read news about many riots. I heard the stories of the victims and stories of riots, from the people who have seen the riots. And now, the place Kosi Kalan, near Mathura is again burnt in riots. The thing I noticed was most of the riots is most probably planned. Here the intention of poem is to emphasize on this Planned dangers for the country. Until and unless we don’t know the root cause of the problem our efforts for peace are directionless. Once the mob is provoked, and riots start the immediate expectation is about law and order. Here the saddest question is tough to bring the situation back to the routine is not that difficult, why don’t riots come under control? 

This poem is not written to point any particular group or person. This poem is not to describe the case of riots in only one city.

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  1. Thought provoking, we are the cause, we need to change, we should change, we the change, but how, question strongly heard here..

  2. We all know the particular ideology which is responsible for overwhelming majority of such violence worldwide, still we can't say it openly

  3. Thank you so much Jaideep for the precious response.

  4. Thanks JJ, yes this is the problem in our country. 

  5. Shrikrishna PuranikJune 20, 2012 at 1:26 AM

    Change should begin with us, from home, community reaching endless limits. As children we are naive, innocent, vulnerable and gullible. Through life experiences
    many of us become less trustworthy, loose innocence, grows up with so called matured through our own definition of values to live the life, we change definitions, running behind so called prosperity, removing spiritual & cultural blessings. In those golden days life time values were different, King was purely working for peoples. Through the time, situation is changed, we are spending life unproductive & we do not have value for the qualitative time.

  6. Shrikrishnaji Namste! 

    Thank you so much for the precious thoughts. I agree, while living fast life we are really losing the life. When I read the old Kings' stories in Puranas, I really feel more and real democracy the Indian Kings have given, less laws and better implementation. 

  7.  wow mohinee , this is a lovely and meaningful description of the ten words indeed!
    when I was a little child I clearly remember what I saw in the guj. riots! no one is benefited , not even the initiator that's all I know!
    the snake of hatred and its venom is paralyzing us!

  8. Aish welcome to Gurukripa and thank you so much dear. This hatred is intentionally provoked, pouring big money..:(. Glad you liked the post.

  9. This is wonderful. I too hear stories of riots which happened in Mumbai. Really terrifying to hear all this. It is innocent people who get caught in all this politics. A beautiful world which you described being destroyed by poison, hatred, violence...


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