Still Emotions

'still' waiting for you
walking with life; pain and smile
'still' and still moving


still awake in night
for new thoughts; searching the spring
freshness in the dark


still I love you with
hopeful heart; never broken
awaiting always


she is still scared by
that trauma; abuse ruined her
flourishing sweet life

Physical, verbal, emotional, financial any kind of abuse is enough to ruin the life. Most of the times stories of victims are hidden, because they can't find courage to share their torture.


  1. Such simple words for such strong feelings, Very good :)

  2. A very touching tale.. Mohiniiji and how true..

  3. Amazing play of the word... And a very important subject you have addressed... Very well done... very true!

  4. abrupt fourth ....clear, touching ,real first 3

  5. Excellent haiku ~ last one out of sync a bit ~ life happens ~ hugs ^_^ ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  6. Very special set of haiku. All say their message well. Thank you.

  7. Frighteningly true in 3rd haiku, Mohinee ! In many cases violence seemed the way out!  Great take!


  8. wonderfully done mohinee... :)


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