Namakam - Chamakam Effect on Mind

Namaste brothers and sisters,

I was away from blogging and social networking last month due to stress and now also I was not feeling completely normal. Apart from that or another reason of stress is the high blood pressure I am having. It was 180/120, you can imagine, how restless I must be feeling. I had trouble while driving too. I had to take rest compulsory and the medicines which will bring down the BP. But unfortunately, the BP was not coming to normal.  Any music, any film, was not making me feel relaxed. I could not complete to post dedicated to second birthday of Gurukripa.

Two days back I thought to play Namakam – Chamakam part of Rudrashtadhyayee. Asht means eight (Please note the similarity in Sanskrit and English word Asht – Eight.), so Rudrashtadhyayee means eight chapters of Rudra, which is enlightening. I have read this, somewhat, but not so deeply that I can tell you more about it now. But it is peaceful to listen and the easiest part to understand is Namakam – which is Namaskara – Naman, bowing and Chamakam, to write honestly I am thinking on different meanings of IT, as I am not satisfied by reading the present meanings I have found.

So, I listened to the Namakam – Chamakam from You Tube with the least knowledge about It. And to my surprise, my BP became normal immediately, I did not check from doctor but I felt completely relaxed. My stress vanished. I just felt like a miracle or Lord Shiva has saved my life. Stress was becoming overwhelming in my life and that disturbed all my work, goals and dreams. I got the sound sleep which was not possible due to stress. This sleep was so divine. I had some scars on my mind due to some bad incidents in life, I get hurt a lot if someone cheats me. I knew spirituality is the only solution to get rid from all the scars and positive – negative impressions on mind, because spirituality makes life beyond mind. But I could not follow what I knew, due to excessive social networking. Namakam – Chamakam made me free from these scars in least time. Of course I haven’t discontinued the medicines, also I do not feel it right to spread Namakam – Chamakam as healer because Rudram is for Moksha and when we attach the importance as a medicine, these divine blessings are used as business and sometimes people misguide or devalue our traditions and culture. We know, Hathayoga is for Moksha but now Yoga is supposed as some exercises for making the body fit. My intention is to think Namkam – Chamakam as a prayer and not as medicine.

The Mind and Impressions on Life :The good – bad things we read, watch, hear, think everything has an impression on mind and when these impressions becomes strong enough, they become our Karma, consistent Karma becomes habit and habits become life. I think I have read this somewhere from Swami Vivekananda. The Karma and Fala means the result becomes a cycle which lead to good, better life or bad, worse life. So the impressions on our mind are the root of our life. Listening Namakam – Chamakam without deep knowledge about it, made me free from many scars, then what will the effect if I know, study it deeply?
These are not just words, they are so strong and powerful, and I felt the effect of strong peaceful and sacred vibrations in the area of our home and the surrounding area of our home.

I listened Namakam – Chamakam twice and now I feel my mind so strong out of positive – negative thoughts, free and focused.

I have noticed that our mind has impact of the good – bad – happy – sad feelings of others, our loved ones or the people around us. If our mind is not strong enough, this impact is more and sometimes really unnecessary. Our Sanskrit Hymns, Vedas, Rudram all this is beyond limits of inventions and discoveries by human mind and science and they bring the life at the place which is free from such impacts, living in the same situation.

Extending this thought, I feel we can find the solution on suicides in our ancient Indian traditions, Indian philosophy and Hymns.  Excessive stress brings a situation, where the person under stress becomes unable to understand anything and may be because of that reason, he/ she commits suicide. I have read such cases of stressed students of IIT. Many of us blame the person who commits suicide, for being irresponsible or name them as coward. But we cannot give them any solution for a better life. We cannot help them.

A prayer can make the mind free from the stress, worries and tensions and Namak Chamakam is such prayer. We should protect our lives by prayers before the mind reach the extreme point of the stress which might result in suicide.

Here, I have shared the same video which I have listened. I am really grateful to the unknown singer – the divine soul for the divine chants. My millions of Pranamas to the Divine Singer.