Meaning of Life

You might be remembering that some months back, I could not write a single Haiku and now I am regularly sharing Haiku on Haiku Heights. Haiku Heights' inspiration has become so important, I can't miss a single prompt. 

Haiku Heights is hosted by my friend Leo (Vinay) with the beautiful blog I Rhyme
Without Reason, and who motivated me to write haiku. Haiku Heights has completed two years sharing Haiku heights' challenges, and lots of lots of wonderful Haiku, bringing the Haiku poets together and bringing the inspiration and motivation to new Haiku poets like me. Haiku Heights is the place to learn, write, enjoy the Haiku. I really feel becoming the part of Haiku Heights is a divine bliss. 

I congratulate Leo and Haiku Heights for such a wonderful success and to all the Haiku poets for the wonderful journey we all are having through Haiku. I wish Haiku heights many many happy years of success, more and more beautiful prompts, may many more new poets join Haiku heights and spread the Haiku fragrance all over the world. 

Inspired by the theme at

This week's prompt : Meaning.

I realized the
meaning of beautiful life
it's your love - Krishna 

This Haiku has different still one meaning, I realized the meaning of life because of Krishna's love and the meaning of life of Krishna's love. 

Not necessarily, everybody follows the path of devotion - Bhakti, and not necessarily every Bhakta worships Krishna. Still, 'the love'  is the only meaning of life and when we experience love, we realize it. :)


  1. We experience it everyday, that keeps us going,. well said!

  2. what a lovely thought !
    I absolutely agree with your last paragraph!


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