Vighnaharta - A Dedication to Lord Ganesha

With the beginning of the Ganesh Festival, Lord Ganesh comes to our home and in different Ganesh pendals to bless us during ten divine days. The Murtis are large, small, in various forms of the Bhagwan like that sitting on a Simhasan, like that of a Emperor, or like a friend. Yes, the Murties are created by the devotion and Bhagwan Ganesh takes different forms according to our spiritual Bhava or feelings. A question commonly asked is that why do we worship an idol? 

Image: Lord Ganesh on Simhasan

So, I was just thinking about Ganesha, He is the Parmeshwar, He removes all the obstacles from our lives no doubt. But can He be realized by logic? We can understand the concept definitely, but what about the realization? The real perfection of life is what we think, we should feel, we should live our feelings and our feelings should turn in the Advaita – The self realization.  All the rituals, worships, and festivals are the part of this inner spiritual journey towards JeevanMukti. This inner journey is personal and social too. The festivals brings us together socially with the feelings of devotion, patriotism and unity. But the worship, the Sadhana at personal level brings us closer to our Aatman.  No questions, answers and debates will give the peace of this inner journey. The answers are within us, within our heart. The answers come as a realization. 

When you see a flower blooming, you naturally smile, what is the process behind it which is making you smile and which is making that flower bloom? No process can be explained while experiencing this beautiful feeling.  You feel the bliss of the flower and the realization becomes the expression of your smile. This is the spirituality based on Advaita. No religion, no book can explain this feeling which you experience naturally. Isn't this the reason behind the immortal words - Neti, Neti!  

Can we explain the feeling of Love? Can we explain the devotion with the logic behind it? 

When we worship Lord Ganesh in the form of Murtis, the worship is our devotion and our Bhagwan is in that form present in front of us. He accepts our feelings, if we worship Him as Nirakar, without any form, we will experience Him Nirakar. But our devotion, our feelings need a form, a name, we love this form of Lord Ganesh. He is our supreme Bhagwan. Does these feelings need logic to explain? Ok, while explaining my feelings even I am going a bit logical and you can notice that more and more we go in the explanations we start losing the devotional feelings and which disturbs the inner Sadhana. 

There are atheists, who can't believe the existence of the God, there are people who do not like the worship of Murti. That is not a problem, the conflicts begin when we start imposing our feelings. Devotees don't need to feel insecure and defensive about Bhakti and anybody who does't accept Murti worship should not go aggressive. That is the essence of a peaceful life.

We are worshiping, Lord Ganesha who is The Supreme power of this universe. Just let the worship happen naturally..:-)

The Advaita Philosophy is like the sky which does not have the imaginary, yes even imaginary boundary of the horizon.  How can we limit the sky in books? How can we limit the Brahman in words? For our love The Brahaman takes the form of Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu, but we know this is the Brahmaan.

for those who have realized the Brahman within themselves, He is everywhere

for those whose love and devotion has ‘Realized’ the Brahman in the Murti, 
He is Lord Ganesha

for those who have realized the Brahman in their ‘Duty’ without the attachment

of success,  failure and ego, He is their success in all the Karma.

and for those Mumukshus who have realized the purpose of the human life
Lord Ganesha is the answer of all their prayers  and He is  their Moksha.

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