Beauty of Life

Today for the Haiku Heights April Challenge 2012 topic is of our choice, so I thought to write on 'Certain' . 

I hope all the participants and readers will like this. 

the beauty certain 
in life is the 'Change'; endless 
beauty of nature

Nature's cycle goes on, so on the changes and this is the certain beauty of life.

Haiku Heights Challenge
life changer for me; found the
holy chants in words

Sanskrit spiritual verses are small, but they have great deep meaning and power, so they are very divine, I realized the same beauty while writing the shortest poem like Haiku. We had different prompts to write and while writing I discovered the same beauty of Advaita philosophy, devotion, spirituality in the prompts given. I can't express the bliss I am feeling, while participating and reading the Haiku from all the great poets. Tomorrow will be last day of April, I will never forget this first Haiku Challenge and April 2012 month. 

I wish to thank all the poets, for encouraging me and for sharing their wonderful Haiku and thoughts. Beautiful journey indeed.


  1. Touch wood..may these vibrations ..positive vibrations..from this page continue to create more positivity..Thanks Mohiniji.. you are a very mature thinker..and a writer.. I enjoyed each of my visit here...RS:)

  2. lovely set Mohinee... :)
    had a nice time reading your haiku... :)

  3. Feeling is mutual, We had great time writing in this month :)

  4. I have enjoyed reading your poetry - today and all the other days - thank you for joining and thank you for your kind words about the challenge.

  5. MagicalmysticalteacherApril 29, 2012 at 4:17 AM

    The same word can be holy or unholy, depending on how it's used...

    ‘Eyes’ Have It

  6. Wow ~ lovely haiku ~ so enlightened ~ and thank you to you in sharing this journey with me ~ haiku is very divine for me also ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  7. Love this set of haiku, nicely composed.

  8. I'm glad you found the blissful comfort of haiku. 

  9. Both are beautiful Mohini! of nature is endless...How true!


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