The Almighty

Today’s poem is dedicated to The Almighty who has created this beautiful world and who protects it, flourishes, nourishes it with the love. This poem is a hymn dedicated to The Almighty, just like the hymns in Vedas.

This year has thirteen months according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar  and current is the extra Bhadrapad month known as Adhik Masa, which is very sacred.  The worship of The Almighty or Lord Krishna is very important and very effective for spiritual growth.   I feel, this hymn will help everybody in the spiritual growth and to experience the  feeling of oneness with the Almighty.

The Almighty who protects the beautiful eyes inside the delicate eyelids
Will protect me and everything I love…… 
Always || 1 ||

The Almighty who makes the flowers bloom with the smiling shining sun rays
Will bloom my dream and the love in my heart for mankind….. 
Always || 2  ||

The Almighty who brings purest dew drops on the delicate petals
Will bring, will write the purest thoughts from my heart…….. 
Always || 3 ||

The Almighty who brings the most delicate rain drop on this earth
To give the life to the earth
Will give life to my wistful wishes……. 
Always || 4 ||

The Almighty who gives the delicate rhythmic beats to every heart
Will write the poems of my thought beats to spread the peace in every heart….
 Always || 5||

The Almighty who fills the divine fragrance in the beautiful roses
Will fill the fragrance of love in my poems, in my breaths….. 
Always || 6 ||

The Almighty who wipes the pain of the heart with delicate tears
Will wipe the pain of this world through the divine poems….. 
Always || 7 ||

The Almighty who has given the sweet voice to cuckoo to sing the song of love
Will spread this hymn with the breeze to give solace to every heart…
Always || 8 ||

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  1. Namaste Savjeevji Welcome to Gurukripa. Thank you for your blessings Sajeevji. :)