Locked Moments

Namaste friends! I am so sorry, I just vanished without any message from past few weeks. I was under stress with some other health issues, so I couldn't meet you all, couldn’t read your blogs and couldn't write anything.

I am back with a new chain of Haiku, on prompt Lock.

Inspired by the theme at

moments are locked with
time; at the day we parted
awaiting always

mind locked in the past 
moments; forgot the present 
lost life without you

lost life without you
your love will unlock the life
we will meet again

Here  I have tried to express the sadness due to separation; separation from our loved ones is always unbearable. Also separation from our dreams due to unavoidable circumstances, make our life keep wandering in the lost time, lost dreams. Such separation is also expressed here. When the mind keeps wandering in the past only and can’t stay in present we really lose the life. I can’t forget the good and bad moments in past just because it is past, because I can relate, correct or cherish them today. But forgetting the present and living in the past is totally wrong. Lock is the perfect word for such situation and just tried to express that.


  1. totally can relate to it... Separation, makes us live in the memories we have of the departed one... we cling on them for survival... hearts sinking in loneliness and longing to have a glimpse of them again... Loved it... beautifully crafted haiku :)

  2. yeah.. staying far away, the life feels less enjoyable than it is... love is always a rejuvenator though..

  3. How are you feeling now, Mohu?
    I am worried!

    Enjoyed reading your haiku. Loved the way you collaborated the love and the pain of losing.  That's really unbearable to loose someone very close to heart.

  4. Separation is always a pain...
    I hope ur fine now! :) Welcome back....
    Flavors of experience!

  5. well crafted haiku and message is very clear  ~ Wonderful creation ~ thanks, (A Creative harbor)


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