It's Kartiki Ekadashi, today, the eleventh day of the month Kartik according to Lunar Calendar. It's the day of Pandharpur pilgrimage or Wari. So, for today I thought to offer a poetic Puja to Lord Vitthala. Today, a hymn to Lord Vitthala. 

Scariest is
the thought of forgetting you,
For a single moment
I fear, I may forget you
But what I wanna say to you
Is never ever leave me
I am nothing without you

Lord Vitthala

I don't understand Bhakti and Maya
I don't know how to worship you
I don't know how to praise you
But I don't want 
You to ever leave me
I can say this to you,
You are my friend
You are the supreme power of the universe
You are the Almighty
But for me, You are my friend
The friend, whom I've always loved
Accept my emotions
Which are full of chaotic thoughts
I don't know Dhyana
I don't know Pranayama
I don't understand Yoga
I don't understand Adhyatma
Saints tell, you like simplest and purest love
And I don't even know whether I have it or not
But I know I've always loved you,
Worshipped you
And that's the only thing I repeat again and again
Loving you, worshipping you
Accept my little hymn puja
Please accept my childly puja
Accept my little Manaspuja.
Dear Vithhla, please accept my prayers.

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