Poem: Emptying The Emptiness

Past three months of the nerve palsy and its recurring symptoms caused some emptiness in mind. Many times I wrote about peace when I used to feel so. Today, trying to understand the emptiness.

Text Image for the poem: Emptying The Emptiness

Fetching words from a big hollow
From the emptiness, that appears in mind
The Emptiness has something in it
Trying to extract it
What's it?

The emptiness isn't empty
The hollowness has words
Words of emotions
What are they?
What do they tell?
What's the feeling of emptiness
And as it exists,
Then why did I named it as emptiness
Am I just playing with the words
To handle the emotions I don't understand?
Emptying the emptiness
Even though I can't understand it.

Why do I have emptiness when
Challenges are calling
Goals are questioning
Time is rapidly flying
Why do we face the maze of void in life?
And what's the door to escape?
Escape from own thoughts

Can it be resolved?
Can it be dissolved in other emotions?
Can emptiness fill something?
It fills the mind and still
it's the emptiness only.
Is it the lack of worries?
Or just lack of happiness?
What is it?
Is it the anxiousness at its peak?
Or sadness at the beginning?
What is emptiness?

I leave it incomplete today....In future, I may find something to add, to understand the feeling of emptiness.

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