Poem: The Door To Peace

Today Kartik Purnima and Gurupurab - the birth anniversary of Gurunanakdevji is being celebrated. So today's poem is my dedication to Gurudwara and the teachings of Gurunanakdevji.

I may not have in-depth knowledge of Sikhism, but I discover deep peace whenever I visit the Gurudwara here in Dhule. And the devotees in Gurudwara, are so humble and devoted to the principles they believe, meeting them my faith in kindness gets strengthened. Also, during the situations of crisis, anywhere in the world, Gurudwaras across the globe are opened for all. 

Image: Gurudwara Dhule

Where all sorrows cease
Where inner conflicts decrease
Where mind finds a great ease
The door to discover deep peace
My pranama to you
Gurudwara and Gurunanakdeva

Where divinity is defined by humanity
Where divinity is expressed in simplicity
Where spirituality is practiced with purity
Where humanity lives with unity
My pranama to you,
Gurudwara, Gurunankdeva