Fortuitous Reunion with Lord Ganesha

The busiest God these ten divine days is Lord Ganesha! I couldn't manage to post special hymns and prayers to Him this year. I couldn't try to paint Him. I was a bit disheartened amidst all the enthusiasm around. But guess what? He cares for me. When everybody is worshipping Lord Ganesha, when there are long queues at every nook just to get a glimpse of Him, when everyone is singing songs for Him, He met me - all alone! Yaay! I could express my feelings, He accepted them with His tiny and cute eyes, I locked His smile in my cam and all this happened just surprisingly. He did it for me. 

Image: Lord Ganesha

 Just look at His eyes carefully, what He is saying,

"Mohini, no damage is possible at all! 
I am here present every moment to destroy all the evil.
I am Vighnaharta! My blessings are always with you."

So, where did we meet? How is it a surprise, isn't Lord Ganesha everywhere?

Yesterday, I had the appointment with the doctor after one month of unfortunate 6th nerve palsy that shaken my life thoroughly. I was quite happy yet a bit worried about the presence of those small infarcts in my brain. Now, I could walk independently and I could feel risk-free. We entered the building and as soon as I turned left side to go upstairs...Ganesha was already waiting for me, alone, with no crowd of devotees. 

I stopped without a single thought. I was enthralled. Bliss and gratitude were flooding into my heart. While Lord Ganesha was blessing me, I captured His emotional expressions. Do you notice them? He was sad because I got worried forgetting that if Lord Ganesha is there what wrong can happen with me! I had forgotten His power and blessings which has always brought happiness in my life.

I had assumed earlier that I won't be able to visit Ganesha festival this year. I had assumed that I won't be able to meet Him. My condition was no crowd, no driving, no walking in crowd! How will I even be able visit a single Ganesh pendal? 

I forgot that it's not 'me' who meets Him, it's not me who worships Him. It's all His power, His wish, His love that I can feel devotion for Him. And of course, it was He who was inspiring all the posts all these years. Ego is foolish, childish and Bappa knows to make it absolutely ineffective by His protection and His sweetest care. When we see our beloved Lord Ganesha, there is only He. He takes away that 'me' in the custody of His love. Then, we can only experience His grace with tearful eyes. Words stop there and tears flow in the gratitude of the love He showers always. His graciousness leaves us speechless. 

Whichever name we give to the God, but He feels all the emotions we feel and I think He did not like that, how easily I got scared, forgetting what it means to have the presence of Ganapati in my life. 

Lord Ganesha is there to bless all the intellect, art, poetry and words and I was concerned about the brains. The Ganeshastotram in which we recite twelve names of Lord Ganesha says that there is no fear of any obstacles in life of the devotee chanting this hymn. This one month was a journey from an unmovable eye to a completely normal life. 

Thank you Lord Ganesha, though I didn't pray, you were there protecting and caring me like a mother. I know you were concerned about my health. I do not know how to express gratitude because when I think of you, I realize I am nothing. However, I can boast this ego of uniqueness just because I am blessed by you. When your power radiates all the collective effect of physical and psychological obstacles is zero. 

We had to go to hospital! We were lost. When Lord Ganesha, the Ganapati - chief Gana, the Vighnaharta meets you what can happen next? Now, I am perfectly alright and free to do anything with the condition to maintain stress levels low. Now, I can finish all the pending books, movies and plays. Although I fumble a bit, happiest thing is that no further risk. 

See what it means when Lord Ganesha meets you...everywhere there is  just bliss. Ganapati Bappa Morya! Mangalmurti Moraya! 

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