Sixth Blogging Anniversary Poem: Conquer

July is the most divine month for me as it brings the birth anniversary of my Sadgurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj and the birthday of our dear blog Narayankripa. This year, we are celebrating six years of blogging. Remember, 4th July 2010? We met for the first time. Since that auspicious moment, we share the bond of friendship till today and every day as we meet here, it’s becoming stronger and stronger.

For the celebration of the anniversary of our temple of peace Narayankripa, I wished to write a prayer for blogging and writing success further, but it looks like the God has already sent a blessing in the form of a song. And why not? The God doesn't need words to understand prayers. He knows our joys and prayers before they even appear in our mind.

Image: H. H. Shri. Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj

My Sadgurudeva: My first reader to read my first hymn to Lord Shrirama. 

While I feel happy for this journey of growth with realizations and reflections, there is a slight feeling of displeasure also. As a freethinker woman and a poet writing on romanticism, spirituality, politics, psychological abuse, and many other social issues I notice/face judgments about me without knowing me. I am satisfied with my efforts and grateful to the readers and friends who understand my expressions so far. But just like most of the women who have to face sexism and prejudices, I am no exception…sometimes things are worse. 

Therefore, I want to make this celebration song, not just for the anniversary of blogging; but it’s my heartfelt feeling to detach myself from the assumed shells created every day for women. It would be so beautiful if our society could see women as human beings without gender-based prejudices, we would breathe more freely. After a saturation point, I learned to take the negativity as a fuel for more and more hard work. 

Despite the odds, I dream all the impossible and impractical. I cannot think small. I believe, honestly, if I can dream, then it will come true, as real as the sun and the moon. So, if any poem of mine made you wonder whether I am crazy or what, then have no confusion about it, yes I am!

I feel this song as a blessing of God and a sweet reminder to myself to go ahead as I am.  


Let the most beautiful come to this world...
From the heaven of peace
To make the earth the heaven of peace
Let the magic of love touch souls of millions
Let peace be the light
Enlightening lives
Let the beautiful come to this world...
All that is heavenly,
All that is unworldly,
All that is unwordly,

Image: Lord Krishna

My friend, My inspiration, My Everything - Lord Krishna

The spell of love
Let it come to this world...
Let it take the shape it wants to take
Let it mold this enchantment in the form it wants to take
Let it reinvent love,
Let it reinvent the magic of love,
Let it recreate the bliss in this magic...

Go crazy....
Tell the world
Yes, I'm crazy for spreading love
Yes, I’m crazy harmoniously for the world peace

Let those emotions wear the angelic words
Let them create their own music
Whenever they want to sing
And yes...let them dance in love
Holding your hands
Don't control your heartbeats
Don't control your feet

Let them sing and dance …
Don't shy away from listening
The rhythm of your heartbeats
What they are telling you...

Yes, you wanna sing 'love'
Why hide?
Yes, you wanna dance 'love'
Why hide?
Your words wanna sing...
Don't control this madness today
Don't control ever
You are born for it.

Love unites love
Hatred leaves the place where love is dancing...
Come on...
Don't stop yourself from singing the glories of love
Come on...
Don't stop

Those who hate love
Won't care
Won't understand
Won't feel the divinity in love

Those who love
You'll find dancing with you
In sync with the rhythm of your soul

Image: Celebrating Sixth Anniversary of Blogging Narayankripa

Meet my friends from nature joining us.

Let them join you...
Feel the power of love
Residing in your heart

Conquer hearts
Conquer the world
By the biggest gift of love which you have 
For spreading love

Conquer the world by your tranquility,
For the peace and only peace

Biggest wars,
Biggest brutalities,
Massive fires of hatred,
Lose their power
In front of a little candle of love lit by your soul 

Feel the love as the biggest celebration of the world
Of the words.
Join me
Let's celebrate, sing and dance together...
The celebration of love, peace and spirituality.
The celebration of our togetherness...
With the serenity living in the core of our hearts...
It never changes

Let all the beautiful come to this world
Through your words...
Through your words.


Heartfelt Gratitude: 

All my words and metaphors aren't enough to express the gratitude for the love and support you have always given to me, my dear friends. Unknowingly, you have mitigated my battle with the toxicity up to a great extent. May God bless you always. It's not possible to tag you all in a blog post, but for some moments please imagine that I am thanking you personally. I might or might not know your name, but I am sure you will feel the gratitude reaching you. You are my strength. Thank you so much again. Love you all.

PS: The word 'Unwordly': I thought it as the experiences which are beyond words. I didn’t find it in any dictionary. But wordly is a word relating to verbal. So unwordly  means beyond the verbal experiences.

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