Poetry: My Soul

National Poetry Day is being celebrated in Britain today. It's already trending on Twitter, worldwide. For the most of the days of the year, we celebrate poetry here. Today's poem is my dedication to the poems I could write so far and how I learned to live a better life from them. It's my gratitude to poetry for blessing my life. 

Heartfelt fervent words
Simple and sweet
Flowing from the heart's emotions
Weave themselves happily
Bringing smiles
My poems
Image: Poetry My Soul

My poems
They give me life
They brighten my hopes
They compose enlightening thoughts
They love me when I feel lonely
They add meaning to my life
Everytime I write them

They bring divinity into my life
They perform worship of the God
They teach me how to love
They help me discover peace

They create the fascination
That comes with my name
They make my thoughts, my name

They teach me celebrations of small joys
They teach me to treasure them
They teach me contentment of life 

They keep me in present
They bring me in living the moment
Whenever I forget to live
This beautiful life

They are simple
They uncomplicate my life
They show me passion and wisdom
They teach me love and sweetness

My poems
They create me, Mohini
They give beauty to my breaths
They are the purpose of my presence in the world

My poems 
My love
My soul

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