Poem: Breaths of Love

A poem about love which is beyond the limits of mind,
Where all imaginations stop

Your love begins
The love with

The depth beyond all definitions

The height beyond peak perceptions
Your love is the feeling beyond all the feelings of mind

Text Image for poem Breaths of Love

Only my breaths can feel it 
Your love is beyond what lips can talk about verbally
Breaths have expression of love
Own voice
Though it's not visible to the world, 

They try to tell how much they love
But they can't express the depth of love they have

Nobody can understand them

The way breaths feel the love

is beyond the mind
Mind talks in worldly rules only
Mind questions 
Mind objects
Mind processes  
Mind judges itself
Each and every thought and emotion
Mind masks feelings
Mind keeps defining
Mind searches validation 
Mind searches approval for its emotions
Mind plays in the frames of right and wrong
Mind can't go beyond those frames
Mind restricts its own feelings
Mind longs 
And still denies 
But breaths are pure
Breaths are free from thoughts
Breaths don't need the approval to love
Breaths don't ask questions
Breaths don't deny 
Don't seek validation of love
Breaths are purely 'love'
They feel and they live 
Breaths don't know questions of mind
Breaths are seperate from the dust accumulated on mind
Breaths are
Divine and liberated 
Breaths just know to love
To live in love.
Breaths are beyond desires 
Fulfilled, unfulfilled 
Breaths don't judge anything
They just love 
They experience God and the manifestation of God
Your love

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