Prayer:Bless me Arts

Today, a prayer to Lord Ganesha to bless me  poems, songs, stories, and hymns.

Image: Lord Ganesha

Dear Lord Ganesha
You are the God of writers
You are the God of poets
You are the of artists and all the arts
Please bless me
You helped Bhagwan Vyasa to write the Mahabharata
You became the scribe for him.
Will you bless me?
I wanna write epics of new eon
Mahabharata of new eon
Please bless me the power to express the new epics

My pen hesitates to talk about the painful stories of me
Bless me the power to write my sufferings
Let the world know how this superwoman is built from a little naive innocent girl.

O God of erudition,
Bless me words to write my bleeding wounds
Deepest bruises
I handled so calmly all these years of my life
That is beyond human limits
Before this suffocation would kill me
I wanna let it out
I wanna let the suffocation go
I wanna liberate myself now
I wanna breathe now

Dear God of all the arts,
Bless me to create peaceful arts
To spread the bliss and love
Bless me to create arts
To soothe all the wounds of hearts
Wounds of sufferers like me 
Bless me to create arts

To wipe the tears of sufferings
Bless me the arts
Which won't have any negativity
Bless me the arts
Which will become the source of bliss to the world

Dear Ganapati,
Bless me the arts
That will touch and soothe millions of hearts
Bless me Gyana, Bhakti and devotion to Karma 

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