I Am Back Yeah...My Story of Eye Nerve Palsy Recovery

I am back. Yeah...

Missed me? I missed blogging, poems daily meeting all of you, though thanks to Twitter and our micropoetic conversations we are connected. 140 characters are never enough to talk with you. :) I am blogging today after two weeks after recovery from an unexpected disease and I can say which was, devastating shock for me.

So it all started with a small issue in my left eye called,  Diplopia. I had an eye check up and some eye exercise for about a week before the actual issue was diagnosed.

Always like this unknown flower who blooms in odds. 

Two weeks back, my left eye was diagnosed by 6th Nerve Palsy. I was shattered. Having an eye paralyzed is not just the serious harm to the vision but a difficult to accept shock to a damage to the god gifted eyes. It wasn’t easy to face this new development.

Things were worse further. MRI report showed infarcts in the left brain, some were old and acute. Next day we consulted the Neurophysician. 

Writing is my life and due to Diplopia, I wasn't able to focus on any image and word. It was confusion all around. I asked about the recovery. Doctor insisted on medication and eye exercises for one month.

So far 15 days have passed. Many of these days were a nightmare for me. I couldn't sleep at nights. I would get scared about the future, how I am going to write and meet the world again.

But having gone through the fiery storms of emotions all these days, I feel emerged as a new Mohini, who is a true fighter, who rejects any defeat strongly, and who is a victor always; though look shaky sometimes. I have achieved 99.99% recovery so far. And today I decided to get back to blogging again. I am close to the victory, but close is not the victory yet. I will wait for further recovery as it happens. I worked on different eye exercises suggested by my physiotherapist and they turned out well. Eyes responded enthusiastically with full life and smiles and...with the quick anger they show many times. 100 % victory is not too far, for sure.

I am so grateful to the God for giving my eyes and life back to almost normal, I can't recognize the affected eye today. God is really great. Thanks to my doctors, of course. Thanks to you. These are the times we realize our own strength and the strength that friends give us. I am blessed to have friends like you. 

Life is really uncertain and unpredictable. We are on the top of the world one moment and we don't know what we have ahead to face the next very moment. Such unfortunate incidents don't break us but they build us truly from deepest core which we have, may be it's that Aatman. 

True beauty is vibrant and radiant in the personality which is not ready to give up, which is not ready to surrender to the odds. I always believed so, but this challenge wasn't an easy one to face. The beauty was always there and thanks to God, it will be forever.  

Brain infarcts are still concern but I am optimistic, everything will be completely normal soon. I am supposed to stay stress-free now. So I am avoiding political news these days. But blogging musings and poems is all that keeps me stress-free, it's not a work at all. So I decided to blog again. Today, I am taking baby steps, writing a line or two and pausing again and again. Left brain reminds me paining a bit many times. Left side of my face also keep paining strangly which I really hate. But it will all vanish soon! 

I am super super happy blogging again.

I feel your support with me all the time...:) How can I thank you! 

Let’s cheer this beautiful moment together.  

From today, let's fly again to reach new skies, define new horizons.

Finally, I am gonna brag, in these two weeks I got so much time to meet myself and I found that I am really amazing and I love myself more now. I am a fighter but a sweet one because I was enjoying tweeting many sweet love poems when my inner battle was going on and am sure you were enjoying them.

If anybody gets affected by such unfortunate condition, I would like to tell you from my experiences, please never ever feel defeated. Have full faith in yourself. Our mind and body is really great, love them and they will respond and recover even if damaged. The power of love is great. We should practice self-love and self-care always, it helps in difficult times too.