Poem: If I Were...

If I were rain
Would shower love 
With my millions of tiny drops
For you

If I were fire
Would ignite myself

Would burn myself
To melt the freezing cold around you

If I were wind
Would wrap you in my tranquilizing caress of love
Wherever you go

If I were the Sun
My morning golden rays 
would touch your face
To keep you smiling

If I were the Moon
My cool rays would disburden 
all your stress to take you into deep sleep

If I were a flower
My fragrance would be 
for your cute smiles

If I were a butterfly
I would bring fragrance from flowers
For your happiness

If I were a song
My verses would sing you

If I were music
You would be my melody

Though I am not all that


am just a simple human with a loving heart 
The heart which knows to love your heart from its deepest core
And which will love you till eternity
Yes, till the sky remains infinite just like it is today
Till that unmeasurable infinity,
My love.