Poem: Miss Those Days

Weather is so pleasant these days. I miss the days when I would go on a highway drive to nearby places alone. Had written this poem 'Aaj maine kshitij chhoo liya' when I went on Highway for the first time. It was so joyful, can never forget. Now, after the palsy episode, it's been a bit risky to drive alone on a highway. All this illness has become quite traumatic. I should wait for a month or two and then things will be easier than today. But I can't wait in such a beautiful weather. Highway drive was such a solace and escape from thinking on a gloomy day. The good thing about Dhule is two national highways cross here: Mumbai-Agra (NH3) and Surat Nagpur(NH6).

I couldn't resist writing a poem remembering those free days. Here it is...

Image: Mumbai-Agra Highway

Image: Highwa

Miss those days
Miss kissing the skies
Miss those dancing crops
Miss driving with free flying birds
Miss those days

Miss those tiny wildflowers
Miss driving holding the invisible hand of wind
Miss discovering temples and the God
Miss that surprise happiness of meeting God
Miss those days

Miss those highways
Miss those long vehicles
Miss those goosebumps  of my little existence in strangers' world
Miss those days

Miss that anxiousness
Miss those racing heartbeats while
Exploring the unknown places
Unknown temples
And lone heavens
Miss those days

Miss those cows
Miss those sheep
Miss that world of innocence
Miss those days

Miss those thrills of losing the direction
Miss that desperation of searching the right direction
Miss those life realizations
Miss those unknown trains and tracks crossing as a surprise

Miss those bridges
Those flyovers
Miss those rivers and peaceful lakes
Miss being on top of the world
Miss that electrifying joy of driving
Miss those days

Miss those evenings
Miss that calmness
Miss those lights quietly defeating the darkness
Miss those suddenly appearing hotels and dhabas on lone roads
Bringing back mind from
From darkness
To human world
Celebrating human life

Miss those flashy road signs
Miss those funny road safety slogans

Miss those days
Miss that freedom of happily driving unknown destinations

Miss those simple joys
Miss that pace of life
Miss my world of adventures 

Road without any end
No destination
An experience full of life revelations
Inner tranquility
In outer noise
Miss that noise

Miss that alone freedom 
Miss that 'me' moments
Miss those long roads
Miss those unsung poems mother nature would gift me 

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