Poem: Melting

November has begun and many bloggers and writers are preparing for their next novel or poetry anthology. I have decided to try to write at least one poem per day. We did it in April, last time. Blogging every day is a bit difficult with a daily new poem. But posting poems or not, I will try to write, for sure. What I learnt from participating in different challenges is writing poems every day keeps mind fresh and free from writer's block. For me writing comes with realizations about self and life.

Here is today's poem. A lovely poem of a lovely conversation with the love.

My heart is melting in you

And you know it soothes me
And you know I let it melt
I let myself melt

I witness my ego melt
And it's when I don't want to open my eyes
To see
To feel
To live
the moment when
that 'me' gets molten
with all its positives and negatives
It's no more alive
What is there, is only you.
I lose myself, yet I win.
Surreal is it?
No, it's not!

It's divine to be melting in you

It's divine feeling to love you
It's divine to think of you
It's divine to forget myself in you

Surreal, is it?
No, it's not!

My eyes hold tears 

I don't wanna separate them from me
Because they're born when they're loving you
Surreal, is it?
You just said, I know,

'No, not at all!'

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