Poem: Words

It's the third week of the writing month. We have already finished two weeks of poems. It's going smoother than I thought in the beginning. All these days are full of learning new words and rules. Yesterday, I was so drenched in learning that for one moment I felt, my room is full of words and I am learning to feel all of them one by one. So today's poem is dedicated to words. 

Some have colors of rainbow
Some colored words have shades
Some have shades without colors

Some paint people in colors but are colorless
Some come from heart
Some are overt
Some are covert
Some are friends, always there to help
Some are strangers
But once we know them, they become friends
Some are simple, love everyone
Everyone loves them
Some are so heavy, live in dictionaries
And meet in examinations 
Some words create poets
Poets create some other
The world accepts some
And forget some others
Some tell a story
Some sell a story
Some create dreams
Some other bring them into reality
Some words share emotions
But some are highly emotional
Some just stare
Leaving us awestruck
Some are flowery
Some other are blurry
Some are mild
And some are innocent like a child
Some are fragile
Some are agile
Some carry weight
And some are very light
Some carry silence
And some have voice of silence
But all the words are the guide
Who teach me
To write the right,
To grow with the flow of life.

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