Poem: Eternity of Love

Today's post is 500th post on this blog. Each and every blog post is so special for me that don't know when I finished all these posts. Today's poem is a dedication to the eternity of love. The eternity that is unbreakable, but that breaks all the limitations.

My palsy recovery journey is like a new birth, literally! Many of the everyday activities like walking, driving, and even simply talking something random feel a bit difficult work, adjusting with the world around needs lot of work to brain. I felt preparing tea as a difficult task. So many things to do for just preparing tea! When we do all the things just by habit we never notice the incredible tasks brains perform. It's quite enjoyable though now because otherwise we miss simple pleasures in life due to hectic work load usually. I am experiencing how priceless these simple things are!

And how priceless it is to feel connected with everything I love Spiritual Sadhana, Bhagwadgeeta, Ramayana, birds, sky, hues of sky, melodious songs, friends. The disconnection was quite real and I felt it, blood supply not reaching certain parts of the brain is sudden disconnection from many feelings like calmness, content feeling, happiness. I was feeling it and at the same time I could feel that some bonds can't be broken. On one side everyday tasks feel a bit difficult and at the same time loving music and nature feels the same as it was always.

With every milestone I express my gratitude but this time what I feel is more than gratitude - it's the eternity of love.

Feel it...

Dedicated To everything that I love

Whenever I look up in the sky I see "Eternity of Love" in blue and white hues. Blue is incredibly stunning.

You can listen to the poem and read along as well.

There is something that is broken
And there is something that is still unbroken
Something close to my heart
Something that touched my soul
There is something that is unbroken
That something somewhere within me was
I realized when everything else was breaking
Yes, when my life was breaking, disconnecting
That something was still within me
Unbreakable perhaps
Still 'perhaps'? or should I remove it today?
Yes, unbreakable for sure
Your presence in my life
I must say, unbreakable bond for sure

Your influence
Your thoughts
Your trust
Your care
Your love
Everything became eternity

Eternity that doesn't know the beginning
And so 
That doesn't have end
Eternity can't be broken
Where will it break?
It didn't break
The eternity of love you created in my life

Now rewiring my brain again
Reconnecting the broken
Reuniting the pieces disconnected within
The pieces of myself
Meeting every old connection as a new experience
There is something which is not forgotten
Which was not broken 
The connection with you
It was always unbroken
It is always the same infinite bond of eternity
And always will be
The eternity of love
It crossed the material limits 
Time, distance and space
Life and beyond
The bond of 
Eternity of Love
I don't know you feel it or not
I never asked 
Never needed to ask
But it's there between us
Firm, still and strong
The bond of 
Eternity of Love

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PS: Rewiring the brain is supported by neuroscience and it helps in rehabilitation of brain related diseases.