Micropoems: Pages of Life

Some micropoems tweeted today inspired by the prompt 'pages' suggested by @microprompt on Twitter, 

When the person in the poem surprised about their own feelings, 'oh, what they are?'

So tempted
To dedicate pages of my life
To you
To see your verses of love
On them
Will we rhyme?


When a person is so much deeply drenched in their feelings of love,

Image: Pages of Life

I send my love
On blank pages
Whenever I think of you,
How much I love you,
I can't write anything
You read them eagerly


Finger painting is therapeutic,

The pages of canvas
Where my fingers dance with colors
Don't create paintings always
Working as healing medicine

Soothing my soul


What poets create in the world,

Loose pages of my poems
Can't bind themselves
In the frames of definitions
They fly in the universe
With a magic wand of fairy
To spread smiles and peace


Let's create pages 
Full of love and hope
Where every word 
Will be a ray of light
Eradicating the darkness


Our lives and dreams get ruined when we surrender to external pressures about what we should or shouldn't do,

Write the pages of life
Let heart be the guide
Mind be the pen
Never ruin it by external pressures
It's your life
It's your book
You're living it
You'll live it 
Nobody else.

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