Poem: Walking With The Moon

Wrote this poem while actually walking and irresistibly looking at the moon.

Walking with the moon
And thinking about you
How it happens, only God can tell us
When the moon smiles
My heart tells,
You just looked at the sky
When moonlight brightens
My heart feels
You just thought about me
My heart is crazy, no?
When I see pink moonlight
I feel,
 You smiled at the moon and she blushed
My heart is crazy, no?
And when I smile for no reason
I feel,
You just smiled somewhere in the world
Now you'll say, my heart is really crazy.
When I feel teary
I get worried
Are you okay or not?
We can't talk with each other,  
We can't meet
Each other,
My heart never stops loving you
Like purest dew drops
Like most delicate rose petals
Like gentle breeze
Like cutest, innocent fawn
Wish it would reach you
I can never stop loving you
In my heart
From my heart
It's  right or wrong
I don't understand
And don't wanna understand
My heart is crazy, yes I know
You deserve my deepest love
And I feel innate love for you
Countless times I tell you
How much I like everything you do
How much miss you
My quiet love can't be vocal
But it's the truest
And you know
When the moon shines with golden light
My heart tells
You and I become 'one' now
In the most divine love
In the most sacred light,
My heart is not crazy 
Our love is the heavenly bliss

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