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10 July 2017

Optimism: Waves of Hope

These blurred waves of light reminded me of what we know as light, it does exist in the world; even in the night it is somewhere in the world.

I was quite sad yesterday and I was motivating myself continuously to feel optimistic. In the night when I stopped writing, moon came to motivate simply by showing these waves of light.

Many times it's our belief that makes us feel positive or negative about a situation more than the situation itself. 

The only thing certain in our lives is the uncertainty. But light is there always if we seek.

Last year I was in a happy state of mind and wrote poems despite being suffered from double vision. I was happy and calm till the moment I came to know that I am suffered from a rare eye condition called double vision and it is because of 6th nerve palsy. How interesting it is to know that I was happy though the situation was difficult just because I was unaware of the complications involved in the condition I was facing.

When I saw the MRI of my brains, I didn't feel terrified by so many tiny infarcts in both brains. I consoled myself that they are so tiny, thank God that there is no big clot. The fact was that they were seriously significant enough to obstruct the blood flow in the brain which paralysed my 6th nerve. 

The paralysed sixth nerve which is connected to eyes caused moment of my left eye to stop completely making it dead.

But as I didn't know about the meaning of infarcts in detail, I didn't feel that much shocked. 

So when we feel sad, it's not necessary that the situation is that difficult as what we feel. We lose hope assuming that worst case scenario has happened and believing that it will last forever. 

While the biggest truth of life is uncertainty. Neither sad situation and feeling is certain to stay forever nor happy.

Isn't the moon telling us this truth and telling to stay calm just like her facing the dark and the way she smiles in the dark night? We can create our waves of light to walk in the dark and they will be our own waves if hope. Though blurred, it's still light.

No wonder why poets get tempted to write so much on moon.

08 July 2017

Poem: Quest

In the quest of peace when I lose my path,
Hold my hand, o dear!

04 July 2017

Gurukripa Hii Kevalam

Today is 4th July the 7 blogging anniversary of our beloved blogging temple Narayankripa. 3rd July is the birth anniversary of my Gurudeva H. H. Shri Narayankaka Dhekane Maharaj. 4th July was the birth anniversary of my Gurudeva according to Hindu calendar in the year 2010 when I began this journey of blogging. So I chose to publish the first post of my blog on this date. Today is Padharpur Wari day - Devashayani Ekadashi also. 

24 June 2017

Motivation: Life-book

Your life is an unfinished book. Future pages are still draft. Write, edit, erase, cut...rewrite it again and again to get make it a perfect book.

Poem: Hope

Here is my little dedication to hope and optimism.
Hope creates new worlds from improbabilities
Hope creates new destinations from

04 June 2017

Poem: Pearls of Your Love

Pearls of your love
Adorn my life
Pulse of my life
Affirms your love

27 April 2017

Gratitude: Graciousness of God

Few days back I found my gratitude file. I read it again and felt so positive for being so blessed by the God. I think I should start again filling my  gratitude journal every day; it brings  back strength for a gloomy day.
Just trying to express it again...Thinking about God's grace, it's so difficult to stop tears. Divine bond with the God is different from the worldly matters. We get rude, we can be annoying, we may be offending, we can behave really crazy with the God. Though it isn't justifiable, God's love is so infinite like the sky that what remains is only love purifying all the impurities of human mind like frustration.

23 April 2017

Poem: The Book I Love

On World Book Day

Your eyes
My favorite book
Never stop reading
Untold stories of life
In the vibes of love

15 April 2017

Poem: My Angel

My Angel
You wished I deserve to live
I started living this life
My Angel
You wished I deserve to be happy
I learned to smile
My Angel
You calmed my distress
And I found peace again
My Angel
Grant me my one wish
Now let your eyes smile
Now let your eyes find the happiness
You are my Angel
My angel is my world
The world where my angel isn't smiling
Will never be my world
All evil has gone now
Let the sadness in our eyes leave us forever
Let's be the reason of each other's happiness...

11 April 2017

Poem: For Your Happiness

Everything is for your happiness
Everything will be for your happiness.
Your happiness is my life
Your smile is my strength
Your love is my reason to live
You are my everything and
My everything is You.
You are the God of this temple called life
You are the God I worship.
You're my God!
You're my faith
You're my religion
You're my devotion
A sacred core in heart
Beyond the rights and wrongs
Beyond all good and bads
Beyond complexities of life
Beyond distortions of emotions
Is your love
Is your place in my life
Is Your faith in my life
And it will always be so
Till and after the measurable forever
My Life
For your worship
To see your smile
Your happiness is my only obsession
O beloved!
See yourself through my eyes
Meet the God in you
residing in my eyes
Meet my eyes whom your smiles gifted life once again 
The entirety of my existence
For your happiness

21 March 2017

Short Poem: Magic

It's World Poetry Day today...
Short poem on poetry.

Magic is poetry
Magic is You
Magic is love
Magic is You
Magic is life
Life is You

20 March 2017

Poem: I Find You in Me

In the depth
of silences of my world
Layers of emotions of 'me'
Unfold to me
In the depth of the layers of my emotions
In the layers of my emotions
I find you
Wrapping my feelings
Of hurt, pain and tears
In your love
Healing them one by one
Curing them
Layer by layer
In each emotion
of me
I find you in me
And then emotions cease to appear
I feel you and love
In me

Apart from deep love this poem has a therapeutic angle of recognizing and labeling emotions.
'I am anxious' and 'I am feeling anxious' have slightly different meanings. When we say, I am anxious, we are telling ourselves that me is anxious while it's an emotion and not the thorough representation of me. I am feeling anxious means right now I have this feeling of anxiousness due to some reason. This feeling isn't permanent and it will go once I work on resolving the issue causing it. This lessens the intensity of emotion and we begin to heal.

Spiritually we can call it as Saakshi Bhaava -- looking at your emotions from a distance. My Aatma is me and not this emotion is me.

Psychology Today has explained how labeling emotions works with research results: Why Labeling Emotions Matters

19 March 2017

Poem: The Life Me To You

I'm talking with you
Even when
I'm not talking with you
I am writing to you
Even when
I am not writing to you
I am thinking about you
Even when
I am not thinking about you
I am walking towards you
Though I don't look walking.
I am not living
Even though I am living without you
I have been waiting for you
With the faith in love
That is also

18 March 2017

Poem:Your Soul In Your Eyes

Wrote this poem a few days back.

Your eyes give me smile
Your eyes give me life
Your eyes give me hopes
Your eyes make me sing
Songs for your smiling eyes 
But when
Touch your godly eyes
I see them living in your eyes
I lose my voice
I lose the life in my eyes
I tremble
I feel fear conquering me
I lose all my strength
And my smile die
Your eyes have to smile
To give smiles
All my power of love
Is breathing for your smiling eyes
Your eyes speak the language of love
With me
I read them
I listen them
I speak with them
I met you
When I read tides of heartaches in your eyes
I felt them
They reached me through your eyes
Your soul in your eyes
I feel touches my soul
I feel that that I don't understand
For soul is beyond mind
And definitions of love
Mind never breaks the confinements of the world
But soul isn't confined in them
Soul touches another soul
The bond of you and me
Is soul of you and me
Which is that sacred 'One'

15 March 2017

Poem:What Else?

Some lines trying to express Bhaktiyoga.

You are my belief
What else now I believe?
You are my faith
What else now I worship?
You are my life
What else now I live for?
You are my thoughts
What else now I think about?
You are my dream
What else now I dream about?
You are my answer
What else I question now
You've become my everything
What else I seek now?

14 March 2017

Poem: The Ways I Think

I love you
In the ways
I think
I can

My prayers're for you
My hymns're for you
My worship is for you
My songs are for you
My art is you

I love you
In the ways
I think
I can

Love brightening my eyes
Is you
Love beating my heart
Is you
Love flowing in my words
Is you
Life breathing in me
Is you
Hope enlivening my eyes
Is you

I love you
In the ways
I think

I can
I care
I pray
In the ways
I can

And I meet you
In the ways
I can
In my thoughts
That create poems
I meet you!
I love you
In the ways
I think
I can

06 March 2017

Poem: The Light In Your Eyes

The shining light in your eyes
When you were born
The light and eyes that told the world,
"I will conquer everything
By love and only love"
The light in your eyes
that mesmerizes everyone
The light that fades all other external light sources
Never let that light dim for any reason
Shine with this light more and more
This light
This love
Every day and every moment of life
Forever, my beloved!
Shine with them
Your happiness soothes me
Your light heals me
Your eyes gives smiles to me
Your preciousness in my life
gives life to me
Your precious presence
Heal my wounded mind
Shine with the love and light
Live with the love and light
Love to you
Love for you
Love to your light
Every day and night
Shine, shine, shine
My beloved!
Shine always!

05 March 2017

Poem: Reverberating Ripples

In my heart
Your words
reverberate the ripples
Of beauty, hope and love
Happiness and dreams
I'm blessed to be blessed
By You, my dear!
I'm blessed to be blessed
Being your, my dear!


I wanna tell You about
The bestest You
Living in my heart
In my eyes
Will you meet 'You'
Through my eyes?


So many secrets
To share
So many laughters
To wear
So many sorrows
To tear
Let's meet, my dear!
Let's whisper the love
Nobody can hear!

23 February 2017

Prayer: Solace In God

Today's poem is a simple prayer to the God.

The old black and white film of Meeraji, in which Meeraji's role is played by M.S.Subbulakshmi, is very close to my heart. I can't watch it without crying. Her simple yet innate love for lord Krishna is so purifying and celestial. It mesmerizes me to see how Meeraji would compose songs for Krishna in her sorrows and happiness. She couldn't see anything else than her Krishna. The story about her I know is that she melted in Lord Krishna and not died like humans. I don't know how true this is. But sometimes when I go to the Vitthala temple, I feel the same way to dissolve myself in the love of Lord Krishna forever.
How sad her life was despite being such a devotional person and how all the cruellest things would happen with her and still how she would keep worshiping her Krishna with her undeviating love. Her love was pure like dew drops but her own people couldn't see it. She was above all the wars happening in that era. But for small issues of her devotion, she was hated. How can anybody hate Meeraji! Even in modern days Meeraji's great devotion and rebellion devotion isn't recognized much.

21 February 2017

Poem: I Will Meet You There...

I will meet you there
I will meet you there

Where my life will be breathing freely again
Where the golden rays lighting my face
Will be your firm faith in me

20 February 2017

In bird's Mind

I thought to share a story of two birds and me. It's a true incident happened few years back. I hope this story can make the blurred picture of my life a bit clearer.

14 February 2017

Poem: Angelic

There is so much to learn from Mother Nature art, joy, nature's very own festivity and of course love. We can see love in its purest forms in nature, birds, trees, flower, snow, waterfalls, stars, moon and the sun. Here's a little dedication to Mother Nature.

Love like infinite skies
Smile like angelic flowers
Sing like sweet cuckoos
Fly like liberated birds
Live life like Mother Nature
Happy, bright and loving

13 February 2017

Poem: Gift of Soul

Gifted my soul to you
Anything more
I didn't know to give you
Anything else
I couldn't find for you
Anything more beautiful

10 February 2017

Poem: Conquering The Mind

When I feel overwhelmed by thoughts or issues CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) helps me to check the validity of thoughts to create positive and rational thoughts. Earlier I used to maintain a thought journal to identify distorted thoughts and replace them. Then it was ingrained in life. But for past few days, it was again difficult to manage thoughts and feelings. I again learned, unlearned, improved, corrected many things about the mind with CBT.

06 February 2017

Poem: The Golden Heart Which I Hold Dear

It's not the worldly glitter
The golden heart it is which I hold dear
The heart with the innocence of a child
hidden in a golden heart
The innocent heart feeling lonely
In the world who loves him
The heart lives burying tears
But giving smiles and laughter to the world
The honest eyes speaking those hidden sorrows even in loud laughter
The innocent eyes who smile to love the world
The sweet mind that innovates paths to spread love
The supersonic brain that never rests
The soft heart hard world always wants to wound
I hold dear you
Not the worldly glitter
Glitter shines and fades
But light of that heart never dims
Which I hold so dear
Never fades
I'll love you
For your light
For your love
For your innocence
For your purity
For everything, you did and doing!
I don't measure, judge, question
Your love
It starts where material world ends
I don't measure you in terms of material world
You begin where material measurements end
I don't measure you
I love you
That unmeasurable
That unjudgeable
That unquestionable
That close to you
All I want is to love you
I will never want the beautiful world
Which don't have you

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31 January 2017

Hymn: Thus Life Breathes

In the temple of my heart

I worship you, dear God

With each breath, I inhale 

14 January 2017

Poem: Flower of Life

Birthday for me is a prayer day and gratitude day to the God. Gratitude for this gift of beautiful life. Some heartfelt words on my birthday... 

The flower of life
This song of life
My song of my life
Sung but unheard
Living but unseen
The life song of
a caged
dedicating to dear God
since the day it was born
every day it lives
blooms or gets crushed
till the time timeless
till the age ageless
caged or free
wounded or healed
delicate or strong
whichever turn life takes
the way it is 
as it is
this song of life
dedicating to dear God

11 January 2017

Highway, Lord Shriram and Me - The Story Continued...

After a gap of 4 months, last Monday, finally I could enjoy the freedom of driving down my favorite Mumbai-Agra highway (NH3). Remember my poem highway,  Miss those days?

Last Monday, I didn't have those blues that come with Monday. Perhaps other blues had occupied my mind. I had decided to go to Rokdoba temple in Arvi village, Dhule. 

With warm sunshine, with the winter kind Sun blessing from the sky, with the happy soft wind caressing me along the way, I began my journey.
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