05 September 2017

Namaste Ganapataye -- Collection of Lord Ganesha Prayers and Articles

Immense joy to present the collection of the hymns, prayers and articles to Lord Ganesha published on Narayankripa, today, on Anantchaturdashi. 

I dedicate these petals of words to Lord Ganesha whose blessings created these prayers in the Sadhana of realization of Him.

Namaste Ganapataye -- Ganapati Atharvasheersha begins with Namaste Ganapataye. Bowing down to Lord Ganesha in the beginning, Atharvasheersha explains us Lord Ganesha as Brahma; the Nirakar Almighty. 

My prayers and hymns are also realizations of Brahma in the form of ShriGanesha. Therefore, this collection I begin with Namaste Ganapataye. 

May Ganesha bless me Gyana to write more hymns, prayers, and thoughts in this collection in many more languages. 

Hymn and Prayers to Lord Ganesha on Narayankripa:

  • Prayer: Bless Me Arts The prayer to the God of arts -- Ganapati -- to bless the writer/poet to write soothing poems.  
  • Vighnaharta - A Dedication to Lord Ganesha Lord Ganesha through the eyes of different Bhaktas of Him, believers of Karmayoga, worshippers of Sakar Ganesha, and followers of Gyanayoga. Forms of worship are different but He is One. 

Collection of Lord Ganesha Articles on Narayankripa:

Hindi Prayers on Chaitanyapuja: 

Marathi Prayers on Vicharyadnya:

Marathi Articles on Lord Ganesha:

Prayers and Hymns to Lord Ganesha on Jivanamukti in Sanskrit: 


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